04 April 2012

Update: Does My Dress Look Sexual to You?

Lent is all about forgiving. This is the perfect time to reflect on the things that we have done --- good or bad; and that He has made us all sin-free by dying on the Cross of Calvary. However, I won't speak like a hypocrite religious lady here. Honestly, I still have grudges. Forgiving those people who have done me bad big time isn't an easy feat. Especially if they have not apologize for it. Being an obedient child of Christ may sound simple for some who can. But for me, I don't know.

Okay, no beating around the bush here, let me update you with my recent post about sexual harassment. I told my husband to visit my blog and read the post. I don't want him to know it from a third party, anyway. I used my blog as a bridge. As much as I want to drive him away from these kind of issues, he has always been my kakampi. So, he asked me who the guy is and even asked for my supervisor's cellphone number. I was half-nervous, half-kilig (oops, my hair). He has a statement via text that went something like, "If he won't say sorry to my wife, I will personally talk to him."

Until now, I have not received any apology from this harasser, verbal or non-verbal. So I guess what my husband had told my supervisor was not just a threat. I know him too well that I foresee what may happen. That is the main reason why I can't tell our VP about it. I don't want to make a scene. And I don't want random people talking negatively about me. Worse, to judge me as if they have shared with me the bad experience. Oh well, we really can't expect "prairie dogs" to behave the way purring kittens do. I just wish that the harasser will talk to my husband decently. 'Cause if he won't, he has to prepare himself for something any protective husband can do.

Ladies, do you agree?

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