12 April 2012

Bebeng Cooks

My Little Kitchen Helper: Mixing the Buko Salad with Exaggerated Cream
I started cooking when I was in fifth grade. My mom was at the office and I needed to cook for me and my younger brother. Since I was rushing to go back to school for the school paper meeting, I scoured our fridge to check on what's available and I saw togue (mongo sprouts). I sauteed it. It has almost-burnt garlic, almost-raw onion and a sugary taste. You can't blame me, I didn't know how to use condiments then. But from that experience, I knew that cooking will always be a part of my life. Okay, no more nostalgic stories. Let me share with you the product of my recent postNote: We are not members of the Catholic Church, thus the existence of pork.

Husband's Arrival Breakfast: DanggitSiLog & Milo
Husband loves surprising us! He went home a day earlier than expected. I easily wake up even with just a micro-noise so when he opened the door of our bedroom, clad in punchy orange polo shirt (their AHC '12 class shirt), I stood up and welcomed him with my morning breath and super tight hug.♥

Grilled Liempo: Marinated in orange juice, soy sauce and rosemary. Notice the improvised grilling brush? I made it. :)
I made an improvised grilling brush from a plastic spoon and plastic bag (supot), because my grilling brush is so lost. Use the spoon to scoop the sauce and pour in the meat, then coat it using the blue plastic bag. Isn't it so amazing? 

Bebeng's Bagoong Alamang Ingredients (not in photo: 1/4 kilo of pork)
To avoid the sour-y taste, make sure that the vinegar is well-cooked and simmered before actually using the ladle. Do not exaggerate in cooking. Some meals need not require too much attention. Just dedication.

Grilled Bangus with McCormick Thyme & Maggi Magic Sarap
I've seen it in many cooking shows I've watched, the aluminum foil's glossy side should be inside when you wrap it in whatever you will grill, broil or bake. Heat doesn't get in when the glossy part is out. I know it's considered artificial cooking to use such, but I really love Maggi Magic Sarap. It really does wonders. And my McCormick spices are occupying a special place in our kitchen cupboard. 

Bebeng's Laing is the Husband's Ultimate Favorite!
The secret to a delicious laing is the organic coconut cream and slow-fire simmering.
Whenever I have time (and money to buy the ingredients), I cook. I cook for my husband 'cause I believe that the way to a hungry man's heart is through his complaining stomach, for my daughter to eat healthy food aside from nuggets and hotdog and basically because the nanny doesn't cook. And most of all, I cook for my sanity. It relaxes me. Apart from writing, cooking is something I'm comfortable to do without hesitations. 


  1. wow patikim naman ng luto mo madam :D

  2. Haha! Thanks Ginang Laab. :D
    Kung maka-madam ka naman diyan.