26 April 2015

Goodbye, preschool!

I have something to tell you. My system has not fully absorbed the fact yet that was slapped in my face a month ago — my only child is no longer a preschooler. On June, she'll go to class most probably on the 2nd week, along with the rest of the elementary students. Can we say that again? Elementary. 

Sigh. I just can't really make her slow down, eh? 

She now stands 4 feet. As if questioning myself and the height chart, I measured her again. No, I was wrong. She now stands 4 feet and an inch. Seriously? I'm not complaining. Height is might and her being tall makes me even prouder of her. But you know what, it's also a sign that she's, indeed, growing up. Growing tall, growing strong. One day, someday, she'll say, "don't bother, 'Nay, I can manage." Actually, there were many times she has said that before but still needed me. Someday she'll say it again and on that day, it's true that she can do it on her own. 

Alright, enough with my sentiments. I sounded like she's already moving out, haha. So last month was her preschool graduation. R and I kinda dressed up a bit; it was stated in the letter the school sent but we did it more for our pretty little graduate. I can still remember how happy I was because my mama dresses nicely on school events. So I thought it'd also make my babe happy. It did. She specifically fancied my black stockings, hehe.

Sorry if I don't have photos taken during the program. I did take some but sadly, none was good enough. R took some from his phone, too but it won't even pass as outtakes (he knows photography isn't for him, lol). When I noticed my camera kept on giving me blurred shots, I stopped trying. Wth. I should be enjoying the moment! Snapping photos here and there steals the true joy of the occasion. The husband and I wondered on the way home if those parents blocking the view of the people at the back (us, for goodness sake) have enjoyed watching the cute graduates sang their farewell song. Whatever their reasons are for doing that, I hope it's for the kids. I super hope, too that the school will do something about that for next year's commencement exercises. For three years, seeing the old folks break rules can get pretty tiring... and annoying! Say, it said in the letter that parents must be in their parents-of-graduates-attire but whoa, I saw a dad in jeans and a ball cap. Come on, you have afforded to send your child to a private school, then why of all days you have decided to wear your favorite mall-worthy ootd? Please do not say I'm shallow for talking about fashion in the middle of a preschool graduation post, you know that it's not about that. Show some respect for your kid and yourself, that is what is all about. Being well-dressed is a beautiful form of politeness. Period.

Those are just my observations, being seated at the back. Having a surname that starts with R since I was born until now that I'm married, it became my normal. I'm glad the announcement of the awards took me from my CIA-esque surveillance. 

Pia got the Music and Movement Award again! Yay! It's given to students who showed outstanding ability in singing, dancing and general musicality. Thanks to *coughs* my genes. She also bagged the Loyalty Award. Why are you laughing? It's an added certificate, okay. In fact, it kinda made my girl feel so important for having more than one. Hehe. We are not really after the awards and stuff (especially R), although it will definitely make us happier. What matters most to us is seeing her being the best that she can be. After all, we believe that getting school awards is not the basis on what one will become in the future. Believe me, I have gold medals and more than a dozen certificates kept here. Don't get me wrong, I actually have high expectations for her! I always remind her to do her very best on whatever she is doing; our house has no place for mediocre people. However, it doesn't mean that we'll go haywire if she didn't get any award after a school year. 

I know I might just be saying these because we're talking about preschool. It was all about play and developments and discovering what our daughter was capable of doing. Things might change when she's already in 1st grade, where there are heavy books and more stressful seatworks. I hope her teachers will go easy on homeworks, since they'd still be adjusting from the chillax preschool life they once had. 

A month and a half to go and I'll be a mom to a gradeschooler. *gulps* But who's in a hurry? Summer's not over yet. 

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