09 April 2015

Raising a Girl

So I posted a link to a YouTube video of a Kai Honasan song on my Facebook page and captioned it with some motherly statements. I then used a hashtag for emphasis, for added oomph. The day went normal for me and my girl - screen time like there's no tomorrow (sorry, too hot to go out), ate together like always and baked cookies for her afternoon activity. Then I posted a photo of her scooping a cookie dough and putting it carefully on the cookie sheet, in top view no less, and used the same hashtag.

The hashtag was #raisingagirl.

I was not sure what enveloped my social media being that I suddenly created a Facebook group and started adding my friends, who are also moms of girls aged 0-12 years old. As of writing this, the group now has 105 members but only around 10 are actually participating. I'm not in a hurry to build it up yet. I was it for fun and sisterhood and anything daughter-related, really. It was actually kinda surprising to have received a great response when I posted a status on my personal account about this group. A lot of moms wanted to join! So as the admin, I thought of ways on how I can establish that I am seriously keeping the online chikahan corner alive. 

  • I made a group cover photo. Nothing fancy, something from Photoscape, heehee.
  • I wrote a few reminders and pinned it, too.
  • I posted photos, which will be a thread for online shopping links, must-read articles and pre-loved items that members can comment on.

Raising a Girl is currently a "secret group". I would love to have private conversations with fellow moms, who are somehow in my circle. Maybe I'll accept new members when I already need to. That is, receiving death threats, e-mails and messages from moms, who want to join. Lying on the death threats part, of course. 

I'm blessed to be chosen to raise a girl and thanking God for it every day. Proverbs 31 is a tough module to follow for women, what more to teach it to my girl someday. So I guess, for now, I'll stick to my guts and continue raising her the way I have been (whatever way it is, haha). One thing, though that I will keep on reminding her until she gets old and knows it well: Never ever try to please people just for them to like you. 

Are you a mom of a girl, too? What's one thing that you want her to always remember?


  1. I want my girls to always remember that (1) it's ok to express themselves and (2) there's no such thing as - only for girls or only for boys (with regard to activities)

  2. i am a mom of two girls. I want them to always remember to "have courage and be kind". Hehe! Seriously, I would like them to remember that God loves them and treasures them, they can rely on Him when life gets tough. :-)

  3. Hi Ms. Denise!

    I'm a silent follower of your blog, FB & IG accounts. I have 2 daughters (6 and 4.5 yo). I want them to always remember that there is a "bright side" in every situation. I'd like to join the "Raising a Girl" FB group for the sisterhood. :) Thanks!