05 April 2015

HydraInfusion Jet Peel Date with the Hubster

If you're new to this humble cyber kingdom, I am married to a Philippine Army officer. That means, we rarely see each other. He's deployed somewhere out there and can only come home once in a while. With that said, we rarely go out on dates, too. Heads up, though, dates mean to me as doing things together without the kid and not just dining on a swanky restaurant. 

Alright, now here's the kwento. So he was home few weeks ago and his blogger wife was luckily invited again for a facial treatment at Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines in Greenhills. Remember that I experienced RevLite in 2013? Since then, my face craved for its much-deserved pampering. Double luck, too 'cause the hubster also got to try the treatment! So yes, it was like a facial date of sorts. 

Originally, I was scheduled for another RevLite sesh. Unfortunately, I had a giant zit on the left side of my nose so having the same treatment was not a good idea. The doctor-in-charge said that it's better I'd get a facial and HydraInfusion Jet Peel. So what's that? According to their website
"Non-invasive, all natural, virtually painless skin treatment procedure designed to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. It exfoliates the superficial layers of the skin with the use of pressurized oxygen and vitamin-infused solution. It removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells and a refreshing way to revitalize the skin, normalize skin renewal, increase blood circulation and reverse skin damage. The high velocity spray exfoliates and rejuvenates leaving your skin soft, vibrant and healthier immediately after treatment. Ideal for sensitive skin as well as rosacea and acne conditions."
That "increase blood circulation and reverse skin damage" part sounds exciting! Methinks that that's what my dear poor face needed. But to be honest, I was more excited for my husband. Men going to salons and nail spas isn't new but to a skin clinic to have his facial treatment? Yes, male artistas and those who bank on their looks need it but a soldier like my beau? Well, that's something else! In fact, he was excited, too! So aside from my own review, I asked for his. 

He said that he fell asleep (that's his talent, fyi) just before he realized that he was almost drowning from the steam, haha! You see, we also had AIP's Skin Rejuvenating Facial before the HydraInfusion Jet Peel so our faces really got the royalty treatment AIP promises to each of their clients (read: a 12-step full facial). It was something I want to do before the little girl starts school again on June. You see, it's like "spring cleaning" for your face! It was thoroughly cleansed and toned and moisturized that until now, I'm enjoying its smooth aftermath on my cheeks (except that my t-zone is naturally oily). On a more personal note, I must commend the nurse, who didn't just attend to my facial needs but also to my unending questions. LOL. (Hi, Nikki!)

After a routine with warm sponge, cleansing gel, massage, wash, toner moisturizer, steamer, extra gentle gel cleanser, brusher, warm sponge again, toner, vacuum and extraction, Nikki set up the HydraInfusion Jet Peel machine. She took a photo of my skin before the procedure, which I did not dare to look at, haha. I then felt a strong mist touching my face, It felt so refreshing! After like what seemed to be 10 minutes of soaking my face in happiness in mask, Nikki applied Vitamin C serum before closing the pores by a laser. She showed me the before and after super close-up photos of my skin. I was pleased to see that the red patches were gone and it looked more hydrated. She also reminded me to leave my face alone for eight hours. Meaning, don't let any make-up or powder touch it. 

I wanna try this set! 
After the session, I told R how relaxing the experience was. He agreed (take note, he fell asleep, haha) but shockingly told me that the dark pigmentation on his face and neck, which we thought was due to over exposure to the sun, was actually a group of warts. I felt how shocked and grossed out he was when he knew about it. We talked about the icky revelation and his plans on having it medically removed asap up until we reached his mom's home to fetch our daughter. I then realized that if given the chance and time and money, my Army guy will be more vain than I am! I won't complain. After all, I'm sure he'll tag me to whenever his vanity strikes. 

This post was sponsored by Aesthetics Institute of the Philippines but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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