12 April 2015

Easter Egg Painting at Jollibee

So the Easter Sunday happened and unlike most families in my social media accounts, we were (and as of this writing, still are) incomplete. R was at work and it's just Sophia and I, as always. 

Days before that, I was killing time at a Jollibee branch nearby while my girl was at school rehearsing for graduation when one of the crew came to me and told me about the Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) activity for Easter Sunday.

For Php160 only, a kid can participate in the egg painting session, will have spaghetti, burger and drinks and will take home a loot bag. That's what it said in the stub attached to the ticket. They did the paint an egg, there were spaghetti, burger and drinks and the promised loot bag. But the most fun part was the surprise appearance of the Jollibee mascot, much to my not-so little bunny's delight! 

One thing that I didn't like about it was the number of kids who joined. And maybe, if she'll join another JKC monthly activity, I'll choose a different branch the next time. I'm not being matapobre or something but some kids were a little indifferent to my daughter because she speaks English. They laughed when she spoke to them and heard her said "look at my egg, I chose purple". And then one kid whispered to his big sister, "ay, nagi-English siya". I thought maybe they're just dyahe to speak with Sophia. But no, she speaks in Filipino na kaya! Sobrang tatas na nga eh. She only forgets to do so when she's really excited.

Well, this incident didn't overshadow my kid's mababaw na kaligayahan. She even said, "this is the best day ever, 'Nay!" Uhm, she said that when we were in Enchanted Kingdom. If you are a follower of this blog's Facebook page, you know that when she met the Disney Junior Friends last Friday so yes, she also said that along with her gazillion of thank yous to me, haha. I'm glad that I made her happy again because that's what matters most to me. And that's what Easter was all about - celebrating and just being happy.

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