13 April 2015

Pink in Marikina

Ilana, the genius behind Mommy Shorts' Instagram account @pinkinnyc (and @insta2yearold) has recently invited her followers to do their own versions of playing "I spy pink" in their own cities. I got inspired to do the same here in our little clean and green valley and thus, using the hashtag #pinkinmarikina. So Pia and I went out last Saturday (going out is a big deal for us because of this unbelievable heat) to bike and to also get the contact number of the swimming school she'll be enrolling at real soon.

This pink commencement wasn't really the same as how Ilana is doing it in NYC but it was more of Pia spreading pink spunk all over Marikina. I remember how this city was during former Mayor Marides Fernando's regime. Everything was pink. It's my favorite color, alright but it felt weird to have seen it in highways, lamp posts and just almost every public property of Marikina. I'm glad it's back to basic that instantly makes everything look clean. 

I hope I can keep up with this series, though so I can share more pink-ness here in our humble city with all of you! If you want to join Ilana (and the rest of us who already did), use the hashtag #pinkonearth and tag @pinkinnyc on Instagram. 

UPDATE: I have shared more than 10 pink anything around Marikina on my Instagram. Search #pinkinmarikina if you wanna see it.  

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  1. Awwww. Now I understand.. Sige gawin natin yan hehehe