04 May 2015

A Beautiful, Painful Change

I'll make this short and sweet. 

As much as I want to regularly be here, on Facebook and Instagram, I need to welcome a few changes in my life as a self-professed domestic queen that might will put my social media activities on hold. Temporarily, okay? It was just this night that I thought long and hard about this. The THIS, I shall tell you about real soon. Forget all the negativism that you think about the word painful. Isn't it that giving birth is painful and beautiful at the same time? OK, before you think that it's pregnancy that I'm talking about. No. 

So there, I have a few posts that I hope to go live in a few days but I can't make promises anymore. Let's just wait and see where this change will take me. I hope whatever happens, I still have you all. xx

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