20 May 2015

Different Times, Same Love

We have a different kind of relationship, my mom and I. One day, we can be the best chismisan partners, the next day, we'll ignore each other. In fact, as of writing this, we haven't talked for almost a month already. I assume that she has not talked to her mom, too; our Lola Mommy. As for me and my 6-year-old, so far, we are best buddies. However, despite the silence between us, I know that she loves me, I know that she cares.

Perhaps, she's just waiting for me to get in touch first. It's Mama's nature to be ma-pride and mataray, haha. So when Pia and I saw the new commercial of Nido Fortified, we were both broken by our emotions. After watching it, we literally said "awww" and she said that the grandma there was like her Lola, my mom. True. Mama can be stern and square whenever Pia gets kulit but she never fails to recognize that her only granddaughter is generally a sweet, amazing girl. 

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