08 May 2015

Midyear Prologue

Some of you might be wondering why this blog, of a once giveaway guru slash bekimama, has been directed to this plain and ordinary digital compilation of stories. Change happens, it exists; and I am more than glad it did here in my simple cyberhome.

You all knew Bebengisms as my kingdom here in the internet. At some point, I was called Queen B by some of my readers, who I used to call as my royalties. I find and felt nothing wrong with these labels. Like I said in my about me, I am a self-professed domestic queen. It's funny, though that some thought that I was feeling high and mighty upon calling myself as such; when in fact, it meant that I am a modern Cinderella in my own house. I rule here but I'm also a slave. It just happened that I love playing with words, labels even. So one day, I decided to brand myself as that. 

Now, after doing so, many of my virtual audience believed in it that they actually etched in their minds a Martha Stewart prosthetic on my face. I refuted that myth by showing how our royal dwelling usually looks like. Far from the pristine, minimalist houses you see on Pinterest, you began to realize that I live an ordinary life like anybody else. I felt that I am no longer the puny-brained blogger behind the wordy entries, I started to think that I became a friend to anyone who reads my blog.

With less events, less giveaways, less sponsored posts, I noticed a big effect on my stats. If you are a long time reader, you know that hypocrisy isn't my game. I never claimed I became famous; perhaps I just know I was in a steady state in the blogosphere. But when I saw a big drop in the numbers, I felt like Megan Fox gone Rebel Wilson. Sorry, Rebel's an awesome girl but I have to make an obvious extreme comparison. You get it, right? 

I was not so sure what exactly pushed me but I just thought that maybe it's time to rebrand the blog. I listed down the things that I needed to do before my "grand relaunch": A major tear-jerking farewell post, teasers on my social media accounts and a professional-looking designer template. Nothing took place. The previous post? That beautiful, painful change? Here's a secret — it was not all about the blog's rename, rebrand, whatever you call it. It's about what's in my heart. Let's see how I can tell you about it in a royal way. Please remind me before I forget that there's a change that badly needs my attention. 

Alright, so where did Bebengisms go? She cried, prayed and took a warm bath. Dressed in a plain house dress we call daster, she smiled at herself in the mirror while combing her hair. Her life may not be as glamorous or as Facebook-busy as the others, she can still proudly say that it is lived extraordinarily. She thought that maybe if she shares more good news, more work-in-progress women will become closer to Him, like she does now. Do you know that segment in Sunday worship service where members can testify how God has moved in their lives? She will do that here more often. Considering how affected she was when she saw her "new numbers", she humbly accepted the fact and lowered her expectations. It will no longer be about the stats, the adoration of the readers and what she can get from blogging. It will be more about what she can give by sharing a part of what and who she is. Royal Domesticity is a collection of real stories that happen at home — where all successes start

"The homemaker has the ultimate career. 
All other careers exist for one purpose only 
- and that is to support the ultimate career. " 
— C.S. Lewis.


  1. What you're doing is so brave and courageous, D. It's also extremely difficult to shed off the old self, but it is extremely liberating, too. Bravo, my friend. I'm with you on this journey you are taking!

    1. I have the best blogging mentor, Martine! I want you to be proud of me. Thank you for inspiring me to alter my online and offline life the blissful and royal way I want it to be. ♥

  2. Congratulations D! Love your new blog!

    1. Thanks, Ives! Glad that you're still here despite the slight changes. ♥