10 December 2012

A Mrs. of Two Years: An Open Letter to the Mr.

Dear Rhambo,

Today's our 2nd wedding anniversary. Ta-daah.

Two years ago, I was a mommy with no nanny and we got married in the office of the Mayor of Palauig while my two hot and single girlfriends were chasing our terrific two-year-old. She didn't like us to kiss. She said I was only hers. And that's what I thought of, too --- I.am.only.yours. 

I never thought I could have respect like this as I have in you. For you are a great teacher. You taught me to be strong for our small family. I may never heard you ask me to be the standard army wife, but through your ways, I am learning to be one. It is through your "indoctrination" that I have embraced that, all my actions reflect those of my husband's. And I'm very glad to tell you that a lot of people look at me as somewhat gay --- I'm sorry. :p

Joking aside, I'm really thankful that I got a great guy as my husband. Not all women are gifted with one. Some guys were born with balls but do not necessarily use it for good use, and some do not have, at all. That's why I'm doing my best to take care of you, of us, of our marriage and of our family. 

I know that sometimes I tend to fish compliments and I don't get contented until I hear the exact word I've expected to hear from you, but in the deepest corner of my heart, I can feel how much you are proud of me. I felt your pride in many ways but your love for Hello Kitty and your penchant for buying me pink things are two of it. Your new interest on looking at billboards is something that you got from me. Your never-ending spoofs of a food critic a la Top Chef judge whenever you taste my dishes (ooh, this sounded a bit different, but I like how it did) are always irritatingly funny. And this is cheesy, so please hold on to your seat if you are sitting, I love the way you look at me. I really do. (showing my slightly-obvious tiny dimple so I can bemuse you --- I know you like it.)

You have become my world at some point, but you, you are showing me the world. You are, well cliché as it sounds, the wind beneath my wings. This whole blogging thing wouldn't be where it is right now if you didn't give a damn. I wouldn't be enjoying each and every milestone of our first born if it weren't for your support. And I wouldn't be an army wife if I wasn't married to you. 

Source: Google Images

I'm not a plain house wife. I am a stay-at-home army wife. My top skill is to wait. Second is laundry. And third is ... enduring to smell a stinky army feet. Okay, I know I get that sometimes, too, so go back to smiling. We don't want to spoil the moment. 

Source: Google Images

Beb, thank you for loving me. Thank you for making me feel (no, not like a natural woman --- that'll be the 3rd song if I use it) so loved. I have been very honest about it that I know I can live without you. That I have gotten used to my everyday life without consulting a lot of family decisions with you. BUT. I always, always wanted you home. You may be a bit of an eye sore when you're all over the house, messing up the door mat and leaving the lights on at every room, but the joy felt whenever you're with us is undeniably a mirthful occasion.

I do not have any reasons on as why I married you, but this --- I love you. Happy anniversary! Laters. ♥

Your queen,


  1. This is nice :)
    It shows the bond you two have created :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! God bless RhamBeng! :D

  3. God bless both of you and Pia too. Congratulations :)

  4. Awww...happy anniversary Nanay Bebeng and Tatay Rhambo! More blessing to come!

  5. Bebeng!!!! yung best friend ko na kawal kilala si Rhambo :)

  6. Awwww! Happy anniv, ganda! Nakaka-inlove ito parang bigla kong gustong hugutin si hubby at yapusin at ikiss at kung anu-ano pa! Hahaha!

    Spanish Pinay

    1. Hugutin na at yapusin! The best yung kung anu-ano pa, SP. :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Natawa ako doon sa dimple part, Daddy A does that too. Haha.