30 December 2012

Bebeng's Twelve Isms for 2012

I have asked my followers of my Facebook fan page about their favorite blog post I have written and I will include it on my list of 2012's Bet na Blog Posts ni Bebeng. But only a few responded. So instead of best blog posts, I have listed down the 12 best things/thoughts/what-nots that I have learned in 2012 as a blogger, woman, wife and mother. 

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12. The best way to treat a basher is to IGNORE her or treat her the opposite way she was provoking you to react. {Post: Parenting is Not a Competition
11. Spending 5 minutes of quality time with your kid is more important for her than being with her for 24 nonsense hours. Smile for her when she's playing with her toy camera. 
10. Know your worth. Never self-depreciate. {I find those who do that as hambog, instead of humble. Hypocrites do not have a space in this planet. Fly to the moon, please.} 
9. You learn more if you shut up and listen. Then talk. Do not do it the other way around. That's a mortal sin. 
8. A real friend will never let you do a bad thing. But sometimes, it’s nice to have one who plays devil’s advocate. {Thank you Atorni Berepika for being there when I needed you the most. I shall meet you soon.} 
7. Don’t feel guilty if you feed your family breakfast food during dinner. They won’t complain. (basta wag naman araw-araw)  
6. Let your husband be a happy man. If drinking sprees make him happy, let him be. Eventually, he can make you happy. Proven. (wag lang siya maoy!) 
5. Let bygones be bygones. But if that bygone has not stopped from existing, give that bygone an ultimatum. 
4. A mother makes lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, soldiers, etc. be the best in their careers. Don't ask a SAHM like me on how we spend our day. You would feel blessed you're working away from home. 
3. Apart from trust, a good SEX is the most important thing in marriage. Believe me. And you as the bed boss is so phenomenal. 
2. A woman’s body is a work of art. There’s more art in curves than in rounds. So try your best to keep fit. Clean your house and do your laundry. 
1. A prayerful mommy makes a prayerful baby, and daddy, too! {Post: When LB Prayed}


  1. well said Mommy Denise!
    Cheers to a bonggang 2013!

  2. Happy New Year Mommy Denise
    More blessings to come for 2013!