09 December 2012

Rayala Dialogues: That "Aww" Moment

LB became a mini film buff when I introduced Snow White and the Huntsman to her. Napapapalakpak pa siya sa mga fight scenes. And because I'm an X-Men fan (sobrang beki ko na ba, pati pelikula "x-men"?!), we both watched its trilogy. Yung first nga lang napanood niya kasi nakatulugan na niya ang kabaliwan kong mag-marathon. Then the next day, I gave her the chance to enjoy her childhood kaya we watched Toy Story 1. It was only earlier today that we got the chance to watch its sequel, Toy Story 2 and she was so maingay --- a sign that she likes the movie. Human subtitle! While watching, scene na nag-eemote si Woody kasi torn na siya if he will be in a museum in Japan or babalik sa house ni Andy. Ang bagets, nag-senti din...
LB: Nanay, thank you.
B: For what po?
LB: You watch toys with me.
B: (smiled and kissed her forehead) It's Toy Story po.
LB: Why is Woody sad?
At mega explain na naman ako. You think pwede na siya sa sinehan? Baka batuhin kami ng mga katabi namin, ang daldal eh. Hinid siya sa akin nagmana. Char. :)

~ ♥ ~

Just now, before she slept, after I read Potty Book for Girls to her (she's potty trained na, but she loves the book), we had this priceless conversation...
LB: Cong-rat-chu-leyshons Nanay!
B: Ha?
LB: Because yer the best mommy, ever!
B: (kinilig with matching cuddle) Really? Kahit mad ako kanina?
LB: Yes, because you jump in the bouncey ball, and not fall.
Bounce is one the games na kinalolokohan niya sa aking 2-year-old pink Nokia C3. See how babaw kids are? And play is everything to them. She loved me for being not a kill joy in "saving" her from the villains and obstacles of the game. 


  1. Replies
    1. Oh yeah! No bonuses or salaries or promotions can match that undying love I always get from the litol girl. Pero siyempre, iba pa din yung earning. Kaya gora tayo sa pagbebenta sa bazaar! :)

  2. Aww, can't wait for my boy to grow up and share "aww moments" with him. thank you for sharing, Denise! This made me night :)

    1. Oh Jeanne, enjoy while your little man does all the time is sleep, poop and milk. Because these aww moments come with lots of eek moments, too. :)