08 December 2012

Review: Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Pads

Have you remembered my post about having that monthly visitor? Well, as always, I have endured it with a few minor grunts here & there. I just made sure that I drank a lot of water as to make me pee at least every hour, which really helped ease out the bad cramps. Aside from having that mean fiend C during your period, you always have to deal with a bulgy pad and the worst, blood stains. Who didn't get to experience that, especially as a teenager? Oh sister, you're missing out so much about life! Haha! During those heavy days then at night, I tried to wear the smallest size of a diaper to ensure that I won’t have that icky bloody spot at the back of my pajamas. I kind of looked like I was Barney with a protruded behind (because I have enough of it plus the diaper --- awful, awful). Over the years of experience plus some money to buy, I have tried the night pads. Some helped, some didn't.

Thank you, Jeunesse Anion! :)

And I was so excited to try my latest monthly buddy, Jeunesse Anion (pronounced as dju-ness; sounds like Djuness Rayala. Hihi). As it said in the packaging, it’s ultra thin. And yes, it is. Actually, I almost forgot I was wearing one. It claims that it minimizes bad odor of the blood when mixed with bacteria, but I honestly didn't feel that it did. Because blood is blood. It stinks that way, you know. What I liked about Jeunesse though is that I didn't have stain, ever. No matter how thin it is, it absorbs every drop that it gets. As in, it was just smacked right at the center of the pad where the green anion strip is. According to its website, the Anion strip releases negatively-charged ions when it comes into contact with moisture. These anions help prevent bacteria, reduce feminine discomfort, and eliminate odor.

I also tried its panty liner and like what I said, you will never feel that it’s there. It doesn't make you itch as compared to other brands with a paper-y feel once worn & worn out. I'm so glad about having to try Jeunesse Anion products. From what I've learned, it's a bit costly compared to other commercial brands in the market. The Jeunesse Ultra Day pads (8s) cost Php80 per pack, the Jeunesse Ultra Night pads (5s) cost Php60 per pack and Jeunesse Panty Liners (10s) cost Php40 per pack. To know more about Jeunesse Anion products, please click HERE. It was definitely a great experience to get that monthly visitor without actually feeling it.

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{This review is to offer my reading audience an objective opinion that could eventually help them gain an informed decision before the actual purchase. I’m not in any way related to the company.}


  1. I also tried this product and bought sa Watsons after seeing their ads on the bus. So far, i am enjoying it and it is really thin and comfortable.
    Using it for 2 months na. :)

    1. It's really good, Chesa no? :)
      Yes, that's the right word to describe the Jeunesse experience --- comfortable.

  2. Me too. Mula ng madiscover ko ito sa 360pharmacy nagustuhan ko tlaga.palagi akong may stock ng lahat ng pads. :)