02 December 2012

Review: Russell Stover Chocolates and Candies

Whoever says he hates chocolate is a hypocrite. I mean, what is there to hate about it? Because it could make you fat? Because it might add to your already diabetic-blood that runs in your family? I have discovered mouthwatering chocolates (and hard candies, too!) that are sugar-free. Would that change your mind?
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Russell Stover is the largest maker of boxed chocolates in the US and is now in the Philippines through Candy Corner. According to its fan page, it has been making chocolates since 1923. They recently joined the Candy Corner Festival last October 26-29 held at the North Court of Rockwell Power plant Mall. 

I've been lucky to receive a box of assorted chocolates and hard candies from Russell Stover Philippines. I first tried the chocolate after my lunch and it was --- insert cricket sound here --- okay, I'm speechless. I'm really into sweet variants. It's very seldom that I prefer the dark kind. So to taste the caramel inside the milk chocolate was heavenly for me! I shared the bite-size sinful sweets to my little foodie who was so curious as to how I got it. She kept on asking who gave it and I said it's Mrs. Stover. ;)

This fact from their fan page said: "The original candy, marketed as Mrs. Stover's Bungalow Candies, changed about 20 years later to Russell Stover Candies. If you wish to know more about its history, click HERE.

Me & my Little Bebeng also got the chance to taste their assorted fruit-flavored hard candies --- lemon, lime, watermelon, orange, cherry and grape. LB first tried the watermelon flavored candy and I was not worried much about her having to take too much sugar (you know, moms are scared of "sugar rush") as it is sugar-free. And I also didn't care about having it cause tooth decay. Yes, we all wanted shiny pearly whites for our tots, but sometimes, we have to choose our battles. I just thought of this simple formula that a reader told me about: decaying teeth = awesome childhood. Isn't that great? Anyway, it's milk teeth and I will make sure once her first permanent tooth comes out, she has to really take good care of it. What I also liked about the candies is its wrapper. It was individually-wrapped in a plastic foil pack that even a 4-year-old's tiny hands could open. LB even shared some to the kids of the new neighborhood. Oh, I miss the chocolates and candies as I am writing this. I bet that I'm going to look for it once I have passed by a Candy Corner booth. :)

Chocolates never failed in making me feel giddy as a child, and loved as if someone's courting me. To know more about Russell Stover products, please like them on Facebook: CLICK HERE  and follow them on Twitter @RussellStoverPh ♥

{This review is to offer my reading audience an objective opinion that could eventually help them gain an informed decision before the actual purchase. I’m not in any way related to the company.}

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