30 December 2012

Noche Buena at the Camp

I was not looking forward to a very festive and elegant Noche Buena like what we had last year. I knew that we will be celebrating it here in the camp. Rhambo & I had planned this months ago pa. This is his first Christmas as a Commanding Officer so he has to be in his command post for the holidays. He had spent extra days in the hospital when LB was confined, so we decided to spend New Year's here, too, to compensate for the time he was not around. Yes, it may sound sad and boring for some; but for us, who think that being together is what really matters, it's still special.

We finally had a family picture with Prince, Rhambo's camp dog. The husband & I didn't dress up because we already did during their Christmas Party. We felt that it'll look a bit inappropriate, since the troops would be in their regular pambahay only.

But LB was not contented with wearing a regular pambahay. She personally asked for the colorful socks. And she was overjoyed to wear her new Hello Kitty shirt. 

I prepared vegetable salad, tuna & mushroom pasta and mango float. We shared it with the remaining men of the Alpha Company; some were already on holiday break. 

Kulang sa gamit ang kitchen ng BOQ (Bachelor Officer's Quarters) but the food tasted well. Ehem. Love your own ika nga. :)

At dahil neutral meat ang kambing, yun ulit ang hinanda nila. Lahat ng pwedeng gawin --- kaldereta, papaitan, sinigang na buto-buto, etc. I learned to eat kalderetang kambing at Rhambo's Birthday Party here in the camp. I was the one who cooked it so I needed to taste it. Okay naman. It was not kadiri like what I have thought it would be. Kasi nga di ba, goats look like a farm pet lang. I felt then that it was not meant as food.

We rented a videoke machine and used the LCD projector. Voila! Big screen. Placed on the stage: astig.

It's a given that I will sing whenever there's a videoke machine around. Bebeng does that, always. In full production pa! But it still amazes me when Rhambo grabs the mic and belts out. Haha! Ahhhhhmaaaazing. You are a fine gentleman. You are a romantic husband. You're the best dad, ever. Magiting kang sundalo. But I think you know that singing is something that you're not good at. Right?? Haylabyoo.

It was still a happy celebration despite the lack of tradition and normalcy. I may have caught colds after but I love how we ended it, crazily dancing to whatever the troops were singing. Christmas should never be about the expensive gifts you could give to your family (though I wouldn't complain to receive one) or having the best brand of ham on your table. It should always be who you spend it with. 

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