04 January 2019

Shopwise products can now be delivered via Honestbee!

One of the many jobs a mother has to regularly do is to run errands for the family. Aside from tons of chores at home or work in the office, there's paying the bills, setting medical appointments, grocery shopping and a whole lot more. With heavy traffic, high cost of fuel and allergens around—in a perfect world—it's best to basically just do all those at home. Eureka! There were superbly exceptional people who invented apps and services that can make our lives easier. There are online banking and virtual wallets for paying the bills, home services for our basic medical needs and Honestbee for grocery shopping. I mean, of course, we're still not living in a perfect world but we really can use those help. Right?

Shopwise and Honestbee gave me this basketful of awesome goodies last Christmas! Thank you. ♥ 

In fact, I really think that Honestbee is heaven-sent for moms with clingy toddlers like me. Can you imagine how long it takes us to prepare before we leave for grocery day? My little Sammy Bear directly breastfeeds from me; I really can't leave her yet. If I loved doing the groceries before 'cause it's my time away from my then only child Sophia, well now, I dread it. Pushing a heavy cart while carrying a 10-kilogram toddler isn't fun, you know. Hence, when I read from fellow bloggers I follow on Instagram that Honestbee is here to save the day of helpless moms like me, my heart rejoiced!

I downloaded the app immediately and checked how it works. Honestbee has kept on adding merchants from time to time and I'm glad Shopwise is now included! You see, Shopwise offers a wide variety of imported brands that other supermarkets don't have, not even the membership-only ones. So, yass!

If you're interested to know more about Honestbee, you can tinker the app on your own. It's free via Google Play and Apple App Store. You can also read Mommy Pehpot's no-nonsense helpful review here: Honestbee Philippines Review or this informative article by Manila Times: Honestbee expands PH reach.

Website: www.honestbee.ph
Facebook: honestbee
Instagram: @honestbeeph

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Honestbee but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow. This is nice 😮 this is really a heaven-sent ma'am. ❤❤❤

  2. Honest 🐝!!! Nakakatuwa din mga discount voucher nila ☺️

  3. Sayang, walang honestbee sa min. Sana meron noh, kaso wla din naman mga malls o department stores dito..

  4. nice to hear things like these...

  5. Seems super convenient nga talaga