19 January 2019

Filipino 90s Party for Samantha's First Birthday

We never do real time here on my blog, I bet you already know that. So I'm sure you understand why I am only sharing this now when it actually happened a month ago. Okay, before you start saying, "But one-year-olds don't actually know that it's their birthday!", I have said in my welcome speech in the party that we did this for us and the guests and not solely for Sam. And because it was for us, my husband R and I thought of a theme that will be an instant hit to our crowd. We only invited family and close friends. I only had one from college, R had four from the military and the rest are our families. We knew that they will appreciate Filipino 90s theme.

It was around first quarter of last year when we planned out how it was going to be—a party like when we were kids. What was it then? Well, nothing fancy schmancy. The only difference was it wasn't held in a garage but in an events place called Sweet Madie's.

I only have two concerns about our experience with Sweet Madie's but generally, I'm glad we chose them. Their food was great and their setup was amazing! They made the Sam TV backdrop just as how I envisioned it. What I didn't like, though was the packing tape used to mount the balloons on the walls. I cringe everytime I see it in photos. Also, one of the coordinators was already entertaining future clients while we were still there. It would have been fine with me had the said clients didn't block the doorway when I passed by.

What else? Oh, I didn't like how the photos turned out! I made a mental note that on our next party, we need to hire someone who has impressive Instagram feed. The photos the guy took has no story whatsoever. I mean, the ones taken by our friends on Sophia's party 10 years ago were so much better, I tell ya. Can you imagine that I even concluded that our birthday girl is a serious baby for not having a single shot of her smiling? But no, I eventually realized that one-year-olds are generally heartless at their own parties. The guy we got just didn't wait for that one special moment where Sammy would move the sides of her lips into a tiny smile. Well, our Munting Prinsesa was still stinkin cute that day!

For her dedication, I got her a vintage-inspired outfit from Once Upon A Child and had her poor Princess Sarah costume made at the Marikina Dry Market for the party. For her big sister, I'm sure the butterfly clips already gave you a clue. Yes, that's the chuva choo choo kween, Jolina! It perfectly suited our effervescent Sophia. She was all over the place, entertaining the guests, especially the kids. She even joined the games to add in on the fun! 

I'm glad our kiddie guests didn't mind that our emcee, Roxie Matias was a newbie. I had to give it to her as it was her first time. She did great in coordinating the event on the day itself, though. I appreciate that I had someone to call in the guests for organized picture-taking and facilitating the games. Thanks for the help, Rox!

And speaking of games, a Filipino 90s party wouldn't be complete without the classic Pabitin, Bring Me, Stop Dance and Paper Dance for couples. We made Bring Me a lot more exciting by asking the kids to bring leftover taho and the birthday girl's father. That game never gets old! But the Paper Dance for couples was definitely one of the highlights. At first, R and I joined and danced as if we were having a showdown. Then when we lost the round, that was when things got wilder for the much-coveted couple toothbrush. Ha! 

Oh, don't think that the prizes were lame. It was a tableful of 90s toys that Binondo Pabili bought for us. The kids got crazy as I allowed them to choose their own prize. The best 90s outfit also got a basket of baby potatoes and 500 worth of SM gift card. Then, we played Bingo which had mango graham gift pack, Welch Sparkling Grape Juice and pesto pasta gift pack for prizes. Everyone was joyful as the numbers were called one by one. The laughter in the room was so loud I wasn't sure if the guests heard the 90s music on loop. Kudos to R for coming up with a Spotify playlist worth 6 hours! Spice Girls, BSB, Jocelyn Enriquez and UMD galore. If you want it for your next party, DM me and I'll send you the link.

Anyway, since the party package we got was good for 100 persons, there were enough leftovers for the remaining guests to bring home. A Pinoy party has to have pabalot, right? That was for the adults. I bet you're wondering, "how about the kids?" Well, aside from the unlimited prizes from the games, they got a wooden crate full of toys. I saw the kids who truthfully enjoyed playing with the pick-up sticks, yoyo and pogs but I'm sure their parents were equally happy to receive the wooden crates as it can hold a variety of thingamajigs. In fact, even before the party began, my mother-in-law asked one for her medicines. You see, a fun and functional giveaway is a must! And who is my recommended supplier? Wooden Kiddie Stools and a lot more! 

When all the guests have left, R and I finally got to eat. I must admit, holding a big party is exhausting. It's not everyone's cup of tea, really. But I guess, it comes with how I am—I love making people happy! Not a lot of people, though, just the ones I know who love Sammy as much as we do. I only had one goal that day: To make their travel on a Sunday morning worth it that I'd see them again on Sammy's 7th birthday party.

I hope you'll like what we did here when you get to read this someday.
We love you to esmyuskee and back, always.

E-vite, Giveaway Tags, Welcome Tarp: Krishia Forbes
Emcee and Coordination: Roxie Matias
Sam's Baptismal Outfit: Once Upon A Child
Sam's Felt Cloth Basket: Huna Huna
Statement Shirts: ekoy.was.here.shirts


  1. Love the theme Ms. D. Very unique. Hehehe. I love the idea that the party is for the adult. Kasi di pa naman talaga alam ng bagets yan . Kaso yung asawa ko fan siya ng pagcelebrate sa resto less hassle daw 😞😅

  2. Jo Marasigan-BaluyutSaturday, 19 January, 2019

    Aww.. Super nice party!
    Truth: “To make their travel on a Sunday morning worth it that I’d see them again on Sammy’s 7th birthday party.” #goals

  3. Cool party! Congrats Mommy D for a successful party! Happy 1st Birthday Baby Sammy! 😘

  4. ang cool ng theme! pwede bang kopyahin? haha but anyways, I really love how you were able to pull it off nicely! kung ako yan, nagkukumahog ako!