18 January 2019

5 Key Reasons Why It’s Important to Invest in Quality Clothing for Your Family

Filipino values always emphasize family, and taking care of your loved ones should be on the top of any person’s list. There are tons of things to budget and account for when you have a family, such as food, tuition, transportation, and other bills. One of the biggest expenses in a family can be clothing, especially if you’re dealing with kids who are still growing, and it might be tempting to just buy cheap clothes and pray that they don’t fall apart right away. But investing in quality clothing is incredibly important, and here are some of the reasons why.


With how much children love to play, sometimes you can’t avoid the need to pull out your sewing kit. Like this article from Quartz illustrates, clothes from good brands fray less, and are usually made of materials that are sturdier and more durable than fast fashion items. This means fewer extra tasks for you, and more freedom for the kids to run around and enjoy themselves.


When you’re dealing with a budget, it can be hard to see the value in spending more on one thing when there’s a cheaper alternative. Fashion journalist Marc Bain’s article for the Atlantic proposes higher prices might actually force you to be more mindful of the quality and amount of your purchases. Quality clothing will be better made, so the colors won’t fade too quickly and the seams won’t unravel. Clothes from a good brand will mean that you won’t have to buy your kids new ones every year, saving you money in the long run.


When you buy a pair of jeans from a trusted company, you can be sure that they’ll last you for years without ever going out of style. Quality clothes will be more flattering to any body shape, and the colors will probably stay vivid for much longer. Expensive doesn’t always mean they’re well-made, and these tips from The Luxe Strategist will help you tell the difference between paying for real quality, and just paying for the brand name.

Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash


Not all quality clothing brands will break the bank. Local brand BNY Jeans are renowned for producing great quality clothes for affordable prices. You just need to keep an eye out for companies like this that will offer you a good deal on clothes, at prices that are reasonable for families. You can also keep an eye out for sales or promotions from these same brands, which will help you save a bit more money but won’t affect the quality of the clothes at all.


Last but not least, investing in quality clothing is just one way to show your family that you care. Saving up a bit to buy them a better shirt or pair of jeans is not just about the money; it’s a way to take care of them, too. Being careful and responsible about the clothes you buy your family shows that you’re thinking about them and willing to give them things that will last— just like your love and affection.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Lui Narcisco. An early contributor to the Daydreaming in Paradise blog, Lui has a passion for fashion and traveling. When she’s not exploring Asia, Lui loves to read, shop in boutique stores and play the piano. For your work to be published here, please email me at deniserrayala@gmail.com :)


  1. Agree ako dyan ms. D. On my part sulit p rin nman kasi napapasa pa ng anak ko sa cousin nya, na maganda pa rin ang damit. 😊

  2. Napaisip ako dun ah.. sa mga anak ko at sa husband ko , branded binibili ko.. pero pag sakin , yung mura lang para marami at pag d ko na gusto bili lang ako ulit...

  3. That's right Ms.D😄I have three daughter,ang eldest ko ay 7years old,my youngest is 1 year old. Ung clothes ng eldest ko napasa nya sa second sister nya and now nman sa bunso nmn and looks like new pa din ung mga clothes nya. Akala nga ng relatives nmn laging bago damit ni bunso😁. Kahit mahal ung price nla sobrang sulit na dahil sa tagal na nagamit😁😁

  4. Ako din, I agree 100%. . May mga instances na nagtry ako ng medyo mumurahing damit. Sadly ilang gamit lang either butas na, sira na or ang nipis na agad. Unlike sa mga branded pede pa ipasa. I have two girls ages 7 and 4 so malaking bagay un naipapasa pa un damit at the same time mukhang bago padin sila

  5. Jo Marasigan-BaluyutSaturday, 19 January, 2019

    My husband and mother would cringe sometimes pag nalaman nila na bumili ako ng medyo expensive na damit for my baby girl. Pero sulit naman talaga. Kung kasya pa nga sana yung mga damit na yun sa baby ko eh sinusuot pa rin nya ngayon. Hehe. Friends are happy pag nabibigyan ko sila ng hand-me-downs ng baby ko dahil maganda mukha pang bago.