15 January 2019

One Word, One Year: 2019

After a week and so of trying to balance homeschooling, taking care of a toddler and managing the household while being down with flu, I realized how my one word last year still has its effect on me. Well, it doesn't really apply to my general mood (malalaos ang mga nagro-road rage sa akin haha) but it was when I'm calm that Sophia better understands a Math problem, Sammy loves it when I'm calm and being calm is the best way to keep a hardworking helper. So yes, choosing a word to work on your life definitely gives good results. Hence, still doing it this year.

I've been choosing one word every new year for five years already, except in 2015 when my goal then was to rebrand (from a hot pink Bebengisms to a quieter, cleaner Royal Domesticity) and my process has never changed. I still pray before I finally decide on what to put here. One Word, One Year may just be a blogging trend but for me, it's all spiritual. I always seek for what the Lord sees in my heart. I got stuck for a few days thinking of what word to choose but after I prayed, I knew what it's going to be. 

In 2014, I chose faith.
In 2016, I chose purpose.
In 2017, I chose humility.
In 2018, I chose calm.
And for 2019, I choose GRATITUDE.

I've always said thanks to people who have done good things to me. In fact, thank you was one of the magic words I first taught Sophia to learn to use often when she was smaller. I always tell her, especially now that she's homeschooling, to always be grateful for what she has instead of complaining for what she lacks. It's a pretty simple formula to avoid greediness and also to have contentment in life. It may be quite tasking for a 10-year-old but better to instill it in her early on rather than allow her to become a materialistic spoiled brat.

In this day and age of "show-cial media" where people post their expensive things and expensive places they've been to on "pace-book" and "bragstagram", the perfect platforms to let people know you're ahead than anyone else, being contented with what you have is the secret to happiness. I've once drowned in the muddy hole called enviousness but with gratitude for even the smallest things, I've happily saved myself. So for this year and forward, I hope my family and I will never forget this word to help and guide us in our walk with God. 

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  1. Because everything that we have and we are came from the Lord. We will not be contented if we always search for what is lacking than for what we are having. A real happy person does not need people's affirmation through posting. Great family moments will be more meaningful by keeping them in private ��