25 January 2019

A Job Well Done by GoodWork.ph

The new year was welcomed well here at home. We began with sorting out our clothes; I taught our househelp to do the KonMari folding. She did it happily 'cause I told her she'd get the ones that no longer look cute to me. We also fixed the kitchen cabinets and miscellaneous shelves. One of my goals as a homemaker is to have a fresh, clean start, which I hope to maintain for the rest of the year. I'm glad I have her onboard with me through all these. I'm not a super mom and I'm so happy God blessed me with a hardworking and kind maid. She's a blessing to our family but I'm aware she cannot do everything. Well, she sweeps and mops the floor every day, she wipes whatever has dust, and she changes our curtains regularly. But still, we felt there was something wrong in our room. Oh, there was one thing she can't do—clean the air conditioner properly! 

Glad I knew about GoodWork.ph. I mean, think of Honestbee for service providers! Amazing, right?

So I gave it a shot and booked a weekend appointment to have our air conditioner cleaned, stat. I knew that the dusts accumulated the past months were partly to blame for the dreadful colds we had. 
Booking was pretty simple — 
1. SELECT SERVICE CATEGORY (That time when the app hasn't updated yet, I chose Home. But now, I'm not sure anymore what particular category matches air conditioner cleaning.) 
2. SUBMIT SERVICE REQUEST (You have to tick the specific service you need. Add extra details if necessary. Include preferred date and voucher code if there's any. Then you have to key in your address, too, of course.) 
3. COMPARE OFFERS (After you submit your request, you will receive offers from several providers. You can inquire from the GoodWork admin if you haven't received any offer yet.) 
4. HIRE A SERVICE PRO (This is the time you directly transact with your chosen service provider. Prices are fixed.) 
I got Nickel Lurican Aircon Services. Nickel came here with an assistant. Both of them were courteous, quiet and fast. They cleaned our unit for 20 minutes only! I didn't know it was that quick. I'm still amazed at how convenient it was to do all the transactions with just a few clicks. Before, I had to ask around for guys who can do handy jobs here at home. So yay! This military wife will no longer wait for the hubster (who by the way takes forever to do things here haha) because I now have a whole marketplace to make our house into a home. 
If you want to give it a try, I have a little treat for you! You can get 100 pesos off your total bill by using this code: RD100. Also, please tag me in your posts should you be trying it. Bye for now, will be booking massage therapists for the weekend! 

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by GoodWork.ph but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. sana may good work din samin, kasi yung aircon namin mukhang need na din ng alaga at check up...