28 April 2016

Galaxy Freeze

After we had our savory hotdog sandwiches for Sophia's 7th birthday dinner at Mad Mustard, we craved for something cold and sweet so we looked for ice cream parlors within the city but found none. There was one outside Marikina, though and glad it was still open when we arrived. Galaxy Freeze is located in front of SM Masinag so it's practically near our home. I personally like how the store looks. It's very Shaider! You know, that moment when he's with Annie and will say, "time space warp ngayon din!" LOL. The name of their ice cream variants sound cool (pun intended), too! Say - you want some Inertia Treats or Jupiter Rises?

The birthday girl in freezing blur, perhaps?

R chose Caramel Eclipse because #caramel. I looooved it, too and will definitely have that when we go back there. The birthday girl had this reggae-looking slushie that has a candy strip on top. It's refreshing and really kid-friendly. Mine was one of their bestselling freezing dips known as Atmospheric Bombs. I got the one with 2 pieces of macarons and a cup of liquid Nitrogen called Asteroid Belt. It was such a scientific moment for our family, haha! We can't help but say our oohs and aahs in between bites as cool air came out from the cookie. But honestly, I didn't like how the macarons went cement hard that we can't eat it anymore. :(

Oh well, that was the only sad thing that I can comment about Galaxy Freeze to date, though (and maybe parking space, too) since I think it's a well-loved ice cream store in the area. Have you been there? What cosmic variant should we try next? 

2nd Floor Sunga Building
Marcos Highway
Antipolo City (across SM Masinag)
OPEN DAILY (12nn-9pm)
Facebook: Galaxy Freeze

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