20 April 2016

Eternal Sunshine by Daniela Andrade x Dabin

Philippine politics plus social media is like putting lemon in a fresh wound. It's insanely painful. I personally had my share of insanity on my personal Facebook account! Can't resist not to give opinions, you know. I felt the need to do so because that's the only way I can help my countrymen - to inform and to educate, to open their minds to other perspectives (my pov). Whatever passion it is, there are risks in doing. I know that I caused a lot of eyes rolling from my Facebook friends. Some people who used to like me may have killed me in their minds. It's funny to even think about it but I realized that no matter what I say (or post), the candidates, sadly, do not even care about it. So I'd rather focus on what truly makes me happy - my family.

20 days from now, people will flock to schools to cast their votes - to hopefully embrace a better Philippines. Prayerfully, may it be someone who wishes nothing but to lead and serve us well. Let good things happen on the days between today and May 10. Yes?

Here's one of my favorite girls to inspire us all -

Is it strange for me to say that
If I were to die today
There's not a thing that I would change
I've lived well
Maybe I have made mistakes 
and been through my fair share of pain
But all in all, it's been okay, I've lived well

And the more that I see, the more that I know
I don't know anything, at all
Like the more that I breathe, and start to go slow
Of all the many things, I can only recall

All of the good things, good things
All of the good things, good things
Only the good, the good, the good
Only the good, the good, the good

Living on Sycamore street, and spending weekends on the beach
We were free, to be everything we dreamed
Flying kites and water fights
Summer nights, we'd ride our bikes
On Over Hill, Ladera Heights
Man I swear

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