22 April 2016

Rayala Dialogues: Epic Gas Release

The election fever has made a lot of netizens pour out their emotions and brain cells in their Facebook walls. There were some who just unfriended their friends because they have different choices. My friends and I do, too. My college bestfriend, for one, is a staunch supporter of Mayor Duterte. But we don't fight (yet, hehe) because we respect each other and we value our friendship more than our political opinions. We respect each other by not talking about it, by not making patol to each other's posts. However, I have to be honest - I have unfriended a few people whose posts are just unbelievably stupid. I don't have personal connections with them so I don't regret it. 

When we arrived here at R's workplace last Sunday, I kind of felt that I needed to take a break from sharing news articles and my opinions about the election online. I have to focus on what truly gives me joy - time with my family and eating together (hello, fatso). There are times when I still comment on others' politics oriented posts, though. Hard habit to break, I know. 

After R's office work, we made chismis about all the crazy stuff we saw online. That's our usual language of affection - social media sharing, lol. And so the inevitable happens. We caught one inside joke that we keep on saying whenever we feel like it fits the bill. Say, I just made an epic gas release (no thanks to eating too much) and this is what happened ---

R: *namatay ng ilang segundo at saka ako pinalo sa puwit bilang acknowledgement*
Me: Yabang mo. Bakit, disente ka ba?
R: Utot mo, may substance.

LOL. There you have it, mga mars. It's an inside joke so you might not get why we find it really funny. Send me a message privately if you're curious and I'll chika it with you. Hihi. 


  1. hahaha! I can imagine how the scene played out!

    1. Hehe. And I guess you know where the infamous words used in the dialogue came from. 😁