10 April 2016

Mad Mustard

It was my girl's exact 7th birthday when we chose Mad Mustard to be her simple birthday dinner venue. She had a McDonald's party with our family and some friends the weekend before so we opted for something more casual; not that McDonald's is grand. Well, hotdog's one of the birthday girl's favorites, too so we're glad we found a cool hotdog joint nearby!

Mad Mustard has a hip interior design, perfect for hanging out with the barkada or for a celebration after a great ball game with the boys. Not that it's not fit for families but it only has a few tables and chairs that we sat too near with other diners. Or maybe I'm just stereotyping. 

My small family had a good food experience there despite parental issues. Read: The girl was extra hyper. We just couldn't scold her through 'cause it was her birthday, didn't want to make her remember that day with sad memories. Anyway, R and I agreed that we'll go back there once we crave for spicy Hungarian sausages smothered with fattening mayonnaise and tangy mustard. Oh my, I'm drooling now just thinking about how good my sandwich was! R's sandwich was Bratwurst and has extra jalapeƱos. Sophia had the Classic Sausage sandwich. Each meal has a serving of their tasty potato fries that's just right to match with its savory sausages. 

For those who are used to having rice and ulam for dinner, fret not! Mad Mustard meals are filling and in my opinion, are worth the price. You may see their menu here. Can't wait to go back!

60 Sapphire St. SSS Village
Barangay Concepcion Dos
Marikina City
02 9483734 / 09209736191
OPEN DAILY (10am to 11pm)
Facebook: Mad Mustard


  1. OMG! I miss good old fashioned hotdog sandwiches with everything on it!

    P.S. Your mini-me really knows how to pose! :) She's so pretty!

    1. It's good! We'll definitely go back. :D

      Yes, she loves being photographed. Thanks, Pat! ♥

    2. Bechay has the same exact shirt. Only more faded and stained version lang!!

    3. Camiiiiiiile! I miss you! H&M Kids is ♥.

  2. I know my husband would love this place! He loves good old fashioned hotdog sandwiches!