05 May 2016

4th Impact Obsessed!

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to music news here and abroad. I only start to appreciate *popular stuff* when the hype has calmed down. True enough, I only started watching 4th Impact videos on YouTube when they already ended their X-Factor UK journey last year.

Of course, I started with their audition piece. I felt like I'm their eldest sister as I watch them make the snob Simon Cowell stood up from his seat to applause!

And so I watched all the videos of the following weeks. You may see it herehere, here, here, herehere, here and here. But my most favorite was when they performed with all other contestants and they obviously outshone most of them.

Their vocal prowess out of their petite built is obviously the reason why they were such a hit. For me, though, it's also how they know to send the 4th Impact brand message to the audience. Their stint at Superstar K in Korea must have helped them find their style. Don't you just love how polished they look all the time? They're definitely a Filipino version of Spice Girls of today in my book.

I hope for more gigs for these girls. I may have a hard time putting names in their faces but I feel more pride in being a true-blooded Pinay (kayumanggi and pango) because of them. Thank you for going to UK and making them see what a Filipina can do. Virtual hugs to you - Almira, Mylene, Irene, Celina! ♥

I promise I'll lose weight - can I be the 5th impact? 

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  1. They have this FB page created by fans worldwide.. Might want to check it out. Lots of updates on gigs and stuff. FB PAGE: 4th IMPACT FANS WORLDWIDE