30 March 2016

Currently | 03

I like how I believe in the strength of words. There is power in words, really. When I told myself in the beginning of the year that I'd blog more this year, facing the Blogger dashboard has not become a chore. It just feels natural to share my thoughts here every now and then. I now feel freer. And what else can I say? My 4th blog anniversary just passed by! Fine, I need to write about my four years here in my tiny space in the cyber universe for posterity but I don't want to force myself and give you a litany of randomness. So instead, let's do a currently.


THINKING. Of why some bloggers have to make things so complicated. I know that some of us here make blogging as their bread and butter and that earning from it is so cool (can't think of a better adjective, lol), thus, investing in it is a must. But why is it that when Instagram has announced of changing its algorithms, a lot of bloggers have reacted negatively about it? Instagram is just an extension of a blogger's site so no need to panic as if they will be losing their online life for good. I think they forgot that Instagram is all about community-building. A user has to follow people, like posts and comment to remain relevant. An in-depth explanation about the latest social media shenanigan can be read here. Sure, I loved micro-blogging on IG last year 'cause I was lazy to even turn on the computer but I realized that nothing beats creating content for the blog.  
SEEING. The scratches in my eyeglasses. I need to have its lenses changed asap. No, I want a new pair of specs. I've been eyeing (love the unintended pun) this one. Hope my trusty Hidalgo Street has like that. 
SMELLING. The fragrance of my Marks and Spencer silky talcum powder that I got from an event. I love sweet and saccharine scents for my body. 
HEARING. The silence of 4am.  
TASTING. Nothing, actually. Oh gosh, that makes me crave for sinangag and longganiza! My kumare gave us a kilo of batutay (Nueva Ecija's sweet beef sausage) last week. It's so good, I tell ya. 
TOUCHING. The crazy, getting-bigger lump in my left arm. Huhu. It's gross and thinking of having it taken out scares the hell out of me. I need my mama. 
EXCITED ABOUT. The results of Sophia's examination and interview at the new school. Yes, my husband and I decided to remove her from her current school. The reason why I shall blog about soon. I can't wait to share it with you all. 
HAPPY ABOUT. How steady things are in our domesticity lately. We sold our old car, kept the new and never returned to Uber. My work pays its monthly mortgage. Bebeng's Kitchen is doing fine. I had a few posts boosted on its Facebook page and fortunately, more people have come to known about what my shop has to offer. Having a business has its ups and downs but it's nothing that I can't manage. I don't think I'm in #girlboss levels already but I'm happy to feed my family the delicious food I bought from my hard-earned money while managing our home and raising a girl. 
PRAYING FOR. A beach vacation this summer. 

*Photo from Unsplash

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