14 March 2016

Rayala Dialogues: Last Year's Conversations

On my previous post about sharenting, I mentioned there that I chose to be selective on what I share in my social media channels. As a mom blogger, flood of photos and anecdotes of my daughter is inevitable. If food bloggers take photos of food first before saying grace, mom bloggers take photos of their falling kids first before they rescue them, hahaha! Hey, that's a joke. Or not? :D

Anyway, sharenting again. This time, these are the statuses I posted last year on my Facebook --

Sophia: You're the best mom ever, 'Nay!
Me: Aww. (hugs her) Really? (fishes compliments, hehe) Why?
Sophia: You always love me, you buy me food, you cook for me, you bring me to school, you read me books... and you tell me the right things to do. 
Ang ganda. Pang-Mother's Day. Touch na touch ako. Pero meron pa. 
Me: (hugs her really, really tight) I love you, babe.
Sophia: I love you so much, Nay, Don't feel sad. You are never alone, you always have me.
Me: (gulat na gulat) Ha?! I'm not sad! Saan mo nakukuha yang mga sinasabi mo?!
Sophia: I just thought of it lang! Ehh you're not talking and laughing eh. When you're happy, you're noisy. 
Take note, D. Always be noisy.
Tuesday sharenting. 
Sophia: What's your dream?
Me: I can't remember eh. Ikaw?
Sophia: I had the worst nightmare.
Me: Ay, what happened?
Sophia: You said you don't love me anymore, that's my worst nightmare. 
Never ending sharenting. Hehe. 
Sophia: I remember Nathaniel. Patay na yung father niya. I can't help it 'Nay. I feel like crying.
Me: (glances at her)
Sophia: Sometimes, I just don't know what's happening with my life.
Me: Ano??
Sophia: I can't tell you because I don't know, too! 
Huwat. Izz. Happening. 
Talked to Pia about her upcoming 7th birthday. 
Me: 'Nak, small party na lang muna ha, next year na yung big party, ok? Dito na lang sa house yun.
Sophia: Ok 'nay. I will only invite 7 people kase 7 ako.
Me: Ay, ang konti naman. You won't invite _____?
Sophia: It's my birthday, 'nay, not yours. 
That sounds fair. So pasensya na po kung hindi ko kayo maimbitahan.  
Cousin Raffy: Tita, sabi ni Pia, gusto niya daw mag-Goin Bulilit.
Me: Ay, oo nga. Lagi niyang sinasabi yan.
Raffy: Pia, pag sumunod ka sa director, bibigyan ka nila ng pera.
Sophia: Ayoko ng pera, I just want to be a star. 
Hanep. Passionate. 
While watching Pangako Sa'yo. 
Sophia: Tatay don't do that. (yes, wrong grammar pa siya hihi)
Me: Ang alin?
Sophia: Yung open the door ng car for you.
Me: Ah, eh I can do it on my own naman kasi.
Sophia: But you open the door for me Nay. I can do it by myself, too.
Me: Eh kasi baby ka pa po.
Sophia: (in her most animated face) 6 na ako po eh, turning 7 na. Baby ba yun?
Oo, 'nak. Hanggang senior citizen ka, baby kita.
Earlier, before bedtime, Sophia and I had one of the best cuddle times ever. 
Me: Nak, pa-smell ng kili-kili.
Sophia: (gives her left, then) Oh, right naman.
Me: Pwede sa neck din? (the inevitable happened)
*tickle time*
Sophia: (in between laughing/crying/panting) Nanay! Stop na please. I can't breathe. Sakit na ng tiyan ko. Are you trying to kill me?
Me: (trying not to laugh) Whyyy?
Sophia: Can we just talk like normal people in bed? 
Fine. KJ. 
Had a conversation (non-momster term for nagging) with Sophia about her slight grumpiness at yesterday's Crayola event. 
Me: Oh see, ang ganda ng gift nila tapos ang grumpy mo. Good girl na lagi ha?
Sophia: Ok.
Me: Promise?
Sophia: Ay. Minsan lang pala! 
Anak ka ng tatay mo. 
Reviewing ordinals. 
Me: Se-venth
Sophia: Se-kend
Me: 7 'nak, se-venth
Sophia: 'Di ba Numbers book 'to, bakit puro words? 
Dapat maayos na ang gobyerno natin bago pa man maging aktibista ang isang 'to. Grabe. 
Teaching her to read time. 
Sophia: This is fun! I love studying, 'Nay!
Me: (amused like gazillion times) Oh, dapat study well ha.
Sophia: Opo, para hindi sayang yung bayad mo sa school ko. Daming thousands yun eh. 
Watching Divergent. 
Sophia: What's rebel?
Me: (hingang malalim) Someone who fights against a rule he doesn't like.
Sophia: Ohh. If I'm teenager na, can I be a rebel?
Me: (naningkit ang mata, kumunot ang noo) Why do you want to be a rebel?
Sophia: Because not all rules are right. 
Watching Divergent pt2. 
Sophia: Why does she have to do that?
Me: Because she badly needs to be part of Dauntless.
Sophia: Why?
Me: Because the leaders don't like Divergents eh. Threat daw kasi.
Sophia: What's a threat? 
If this is her trick to switching it to Disney Junior, I think she's winning. Huhuhu, I just want to watch a movie while folding clothes! 
Watching Divergent pt3 
Sophia: Uy si Nanay kilig-kilig. Crush mo yung guy noh?
Me: Haha, hindi ah!
Sophia: Don't worry, I won't tell Tatay.

Kakulitan million times. 
Sophia: Nay, can I watch TV?
Me: Ok.
Sophia: Oh, Becca, you heard that? Watch daw ako kasi I need to relax, napagod ako sa school eh. Come here, watch with me.
Becca: (dedma, haha!) 
Sophia: Nay, I want to go to New York City. I will visit all the "newseums" there! Yung may T-rex.
Me: Wow, talaga?
Sophia: Yes po, from Marikina City to New York City. 
Hanep, Laida Magtalas lang ang peg. 

Habang naghuhugas ako ng pinagkainan. 
Sophia: When I'm 30 na Nay, we will get a miss so you won't be pagod na. Old ka na kasi nun. Baka mapatay ka.
Me: Anong miss?
Sophia: Yung parang "miss, can you get me water?"
Me: Ahhh, parang si Ate Danday!
Sophia: Yes. And she will wear uniform. Parang yung nanny ni Eloise. Can we also get a butler? 
Elitista much. 
Me: I love you nak. I'll do everything for you.
Sophia: Really?
Me: Oo nga!
Sophia: Okay. Can I watch TV? 
Classic Miss Rayala moves.

More Rayala Dialogues when you click this. :) 


  1. namiss ko to muther! grabe si P nakakaloka ang mga banat. hehehe so cute! :D

    1. Na-miss ko rin ito, Istin! Don't worry, I'll do my best to collate all our kwela and hugot conversations. :)

  2. I was having a bad day... and this!... this made me laugh! :)) Thank you. Winner ung birthday party. :)))

    1. Hehe. Not that she's my daughter but my girl is really funny and fun to be with! Such a hilarious act at her age. :D

  3. D, nakakatuwa ang mga dialogues niyo! Ano kaya kapag may girl ako? Feeling ko ganyan din kami tulad niyo! Hahaha! :) Good vibes!!! :)

    1. I don't how I will be if I have a boy but having a girl is surely different! It's like wanting to raise a better version of yourself. So you know, I experienced being in phases of numerous changes while raising a girl. So tough to let go of the bad habits I've been used to doing. Hehe. But yeah, this girl is a force to reckon with. I'm blessed to have her. ♥