05 March 2016

Please Remind Me To / 02

I have a blind item. I don't like this certain local showbiz love team. For me, lately, they exude so much negativity and haggardness. Keep them in mind because they played a vital role in this story. Also, please guard your hearts if you are a fan girl of any celebrity like I am.

Be still, my heart.

My husband came home last night to spend a weekend with us. We are one of the few privileged military families who can get to have our soldier home even for just a weekend. Never fails, whenever R comes home, our girl becomes the theatrical Annie Bennett. She has this signature giddiness. There's a squeal, a giggle and a few gallops like her favorite ponies. Then she'll automatically throw herself to the man who looks like her. Her happiness is contagious, always. Dinner last night went smoothly and very motion picture-like: The father comes home, hot and sexy mother prepares meal, kid is happy. Then we finished our delicious Arroz ala Cubana like famished laborers. 

I don't know what has gotten into me but the moment I sat on the couch facing him, I gossiped to him the incident in the noontime show, where parent of the half of the love team is a judge. I just read about it on Instagram and eventually watched that part on iWantv for better understanding. I guess, I'm just excited that my husband, who also is my bestest friend ever, is home.

Anyway, this is what happened. The parent thanked the people of the province who took care of the love team when they visited. After her, the other judge, a seasoned music artist, plugged his show abroad. They all laughed as the parent only had a province in the country to thank and the seasoned music artist has Denmark. Lo and behold, the pop rock star, their fellow judge, announced that she will be a guest performer in popular love team's world tour. The parent kept quiet. 

I was not done with my story yet when R said, "hater ka na noh?" I was shocked. One can easily agree. I mean, who has time to search for that specific video just to satisfy yourself by the fact that your favored love team is now more popular than the other? Well, us fan girls. Crazy, fan girls who adore this well-loved team real. I will go deeper into my fan girling story in a separate space soon if you wish (hahaha, I know, it's crazy), let us finish this issue first.

You see, I love honest people. Honesty is bravery. I was just appalled that R had the guts to say that to my face when in fact, I haven't moved on from the most-talked about TV series of this team real of mine (fine, of many of us). I defended myself right then and there. I almost wept, I almost wanted to scream to his head and told him to back off. But thank God, I realized it's no use. I stopped and stood and went back to work. After all, I'm in neck-deep of duties - online work, cookies for business and laundry.

While my dear husband, whose second name is frank (or rude-y? lol), was fixing something at the garage, I realized a few things. Here's what you guys, my cyber girlfriends, should remind me in case such scenario happens again. These can be your reminders, too, if you want.

  • When someone spoke to you in a very direct way, accept it gracefully. Swallow it. Don't choke. If it sounded harsh or rude or impolite, always take in your heart that at least it was not you who said things that way. Kindness is beauty.
  • When a person close to you (in this case, my husband) shows disinterest in the things you like, act cool. Do not take it against him. It surely hurts especially if you thought all this time that since you guys are best of friends, anything you fancy is interesting for him. But, things change and so does he. Live with it. Gotta love the flaws, fart and all, remember?
  • When all you needed was someone to listen to you but you got someone who had his opinion on the topics you said, learn from it. In case that that someone is a male specie of this planet, do note that they are wired that way. You gotta look for your fellow estrogen-bearing goddesses who can shriek or cry with you when you talk about your favorite love team. 

Anything to add, fellow otwolistas? Oops.

*Photo courtesy of this fan page


  1. I need to remind myself of that first point ALL THE TIME. There's this someone who likes to attack my husband's work and makes assumptions that my husband is the type of person he *believes* men in service are. I keep quiet when such attacks happen. But sometimes, I just can't stop myself from "biting" back with a nasty comment. Makaganti lang kasi minsan below the belt na talaga. We need another coffee date to talk about this! HAHAHA.

    1. Hay naku ha, hindi siya nag-aaral sa school ni Kelly to be assumptionista. Hahaha! Yes, kwento mo sa'kin yan. :)

  2. Well said! I have no idea who you were talking about since I only watch House of Cards, but I can understand feeling strongly about something or against something and being called out for it. Kudos to you for accepting it with grace. :)

    1. Haha! It's a local showbiz love team, Pat! :)