09 March 2016

Angel Hair Pasta with Tuna and Tomato

Perfect for the coming Lent. 

I love food and cooking, sure. It's evident in this blog, my small biz, and my work. You see, I'm one of the community managers of a multinational food and beverage brand. I also do social media management projects for Kim that revolves around salivating food photos. I sell homemade sidekicks and treats over at Bebeng's Kitchen. There's no way I can avoid food. Did I hear you say, "oooooh, that is why she's fat"? It's okay. Round is still a shape, haha. Also, I need to cook because even if my little foodie loves Mc Donald's nuggets and Jollibee Chicken Joy, she still prefers my classic chicken adobo and steaming white rice any day.

However -

There are lazy days. A home-based working mompreneur like me is not an exemption to this unavoidable epidemic. When it attacks, I call McDo delivery to save our dinner. Or when there's tinge of energy left in my system, I open a can of whatever I have in stock and do what I can do with it. My husband's favorite is sardines with misua! Mine's sardines with fresh minced onion and calamansi juice. My girl loves tuna, especially the flavored ones.

Now, it brings me back to the article I wrote on Make It Blissful. It's about Quick Dinner Ideas and Tips for Busy Moms. I mentioned there the amazing help of canned food and pasta. So for today's recipe, I'll be sharing my love for angel hair pasta and tuna.

This one's really easy. It's gourmet-looking (thanks to the pasta's thin strands) but it's super doable! Ready?

I minced that garlic a bit more after this photo was taken.


- 250gms angel hair pasta, cooked
- 4 cloves garlic, minced
- medium onion, sliced
- 2 to 3 tomatoes, sliced
- one can tuna, any variant (as shown)
- dried or fresh basil leaves
- olive oil
- salt and pepper
- Parmesan cheese
- lemon wedges

I bought fresh basil and allowed it to dry by itself. Took one of my jars and kept it there. 

1. Saute onion, garlic and tomatoes in olive oil. Best not to heat the olive oil 'till its smoking point so it would still have its flavor and won't burn the aromatics. 

2. Add tuna (along with its oil or brine). Let it simmer for 30 seconds to a minute. Season with salt and pepper. 

3. Add basil leaves and pasta. Turn off flame.

4. Toss pasta and plate it.

5. Top with Parmesan cheese. Squeeze a wedge of lemon for tangy flavor.

Easy peasy, right? Enjoy! For more of my recipes, click here. Happy cooking! 


  1. D! Great recipe! I'll try it soon at home! I've always been looking for easy pasta recipes such as this. Where did you get your basil pala? How or what's the process of drying it? Next, do you know how to make a mean tomato basil soup? Yung maasim talaga? :) Hope you could share that one too! :) Thanks D! Huuuugs! Miss you! :)

    1. Hi, Louise! I got my basil at the nearest major Pure Gold branch. As for drying it, I washed it lang and patted it with paper towel then nilagay ko lang sa tray. It took 3-4 days to have it completely dry. :)

      I haven't tried Tomato and Basil soup yet eh.

  2. Ohhhh nice!! Perfect for someone like me who doesn't know how to cook! I think I can try this. I wonder if angel hair pasta is more expensive than the regular pasta/noodles...

    Thanks for this! :D

    1. It's not that pricey naman. I think it's around Php60-70 per 500gms. :)

  3. Another easy recipe for nonkitchen people. Always one of my favorite categories sa blog mo :)

    1. Awww. Thanks, Chrystal! Don't worry, I promised myself that I'd blog more of my easy recipes this year. :)

  4. This looks so sarap! I prefer sardines in my pasta, just like your hubby, tapos with some tomatoes, fresh basil, a lot of garlic and some chili flakes. Oooohhhh so good!

    1. But my husband naman sardines with misua kasi it was their default ulam nung namumundok pa siya sa Mindanao. Haha! Have you tried tuyo with your pasta? Ang sarap-sarap din! :)

  5. I like using tuna also on my pasta dishes! :) One of my favorites is tuna with sun-dried tomatoes. Another is Spanish Sardines pasta. Shared that recipe in my blog also. Here it is: http://mommytg.blogspot.com/2013/02/recipes-for-meatless-fridays-spanish.html

  6. I'll do this soon! Pero alisin ko yung tuna kasi di ako kumakain nun and the kids rin. :D Maybe chicken? Pwede kaya?