12 December 2016

Baon Serye Talks at Accenture

The only time I talked about my #baonserye passion project here was when I wrote this article about how I feel about my *15 minutes of fame*. I haven't done a full-length feature about it. Perhaps, the things that happened right after it went viral were a bit overwhelming that it kind of consumed me I didn't have the time to elaborate it here. Say, my fan page's inbox was flaming! I remembered I woke up with 60+ unread messages and what - thousands and thousands of followers. So intense. For this bloggy mom, who worked so hard to get at least a hundred people to follow me four years ago, getting 32k (as of this article) was truly nakakakilig! Anyway, I hope this post will suffice for now. 

Those were just, let's say, the first of many happy things that this passion project has given me. I got interviewed by Asian Parent Philippines and was featured in Psst.ph, a local e-zine. But the most rewarding of it all was when I was invited by Accenture Philippines to do a baon-making workshop with the Accenture Technology Women Leaders here in Manila. 

I ran it in their Mandaluyong, Taguig and Quezon City offices. I was supposed to do it for an hour and a half only but well - I got carried away with the chika, haha! I'm glad that the participants said (based on their evaluation forms and facial reactions, hehe) that all my chika motivated and inspired them to cook at home and prepare for their loved ones and even for themselves. 

I recommended Joe's Kitchen Delivery to cater the food and Party O Bento to supply the participants' materials but all those wouldn't happen if not for the efforts of the person who contacted me.
"Thank you, Julz (and the team) for believing. Just like you are with Accenture Technology Women, this blog may not actually pay the bills and my shopping needs but it's my happiness to inspire other women to become their better selves. xo, D ♥"

Don't get me wrong, I had a *talent fee*, of course! So if you think your tribe needs a little push from this self-proclaimed domestic queen, shoot me an e-mail (deniserrayala@gmail.com) and we'll talk about how we can strengthen the bond that ties food and families.

For baon ideas and to read my baon-making journey, check this album.


  1. Nakakakiliig! Dapat may badge ka na din sa sidebar about your speaking engagements. Naks! You talked at PUP (tama ba?) last time and now here. Wowowoow

    1. Awww. Miss you, Cams! Yes, thank you for the suggestion, I'll do that. :)