16 December 2016

Last Minute Online Shopping

For real? It's almost Christmas and I still haven't decorated the house with anything celebratory?! What is happening? 

Well, I know it isn't healthy to cram all the time but I know I can manage. I've been like this since we lived on our own. Not that it's okay but we still had happy holidays the past years so I just feel like this year won't be different. After all, decors last until January the next year so my tweenager would still see the merriment it brings. 

What I kind of worry about, though are the gifts for our friends and family. Good thing that we live in this modern universe, where a matter of clicks can lead you to shopping bliss. In fact, 90% of my gifts were bought online! Yeah. And when I checked the Groupon Goods that an online friend recommended, I was so thrilled to buy the fluffy pillows for myself. So to you reading this - please gift me new pillows. Ours now are as thin as crackers, haha!

Thank you to whoever he is that invented online shopping! This self-proclaimed multi-slashie busy mama loves all the help she gets from it. Now, off to more clicking. Shh, don't tell my husband! ;)

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Groupon but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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