22 December 2016

Shrimp Pesto Spaghetti

It was 10 years ago when I first tasted a pesto pasta dish. Tbh, I didn't like it! I wonder why it tasted so minty and leafy and starchy when in reality, a real pesto dish tastes super good that even kids (who, according to a lot of studies, do not like any food that is colored green) would eat. I'm glad my little foodie likes pesto. As for my husband, let's say, it puts him in a real good mood.

So when I was luckily invited to Contadina's Supermarket Raid last month, I was excited when I found out that they have Pesto alla Genovese Sauce in 190-gram jar. You see, they got me at the jar. I have this thing with bote, you know, hehe. Seriously, a pesto sauce in a jar with an affordable price? Only kusineras-who-budget like me would know why it makes me happy! Sure, there are local brands that has pesto sauce / mix, which are actually way cheaper but let's admit it, it doesn't taste like the real deal. Theirs also aren't in a jar. Heehee. This one, though? I'm not just trying to please Nigella (as if she'd care about whatever I'd say) but Contadina is true to its word when they said in the packaging - "using the finest ingredients that deliver rich and authentic flavours worth savouring". 

My Shrimp Pesto Spaghetti tasted like it's from a restaurant, only because the pesto sauce did its magic. I mean, come on, I just boiled the noodles and sauteed the shrimp with garlic and onion. Nothing so tedious but it looked and tasted so special. Thanks to Contadina Pesto Sauce, really. 

Convinced already? You want to try it? Here are what you need and how you'll simply cook it! 


- 300gms Contadina Spaghetti, cooked per package instruction
- 250gms shrimp, shelled and deveined
- 190gms Contadina Pesto Sauce
- 3 cloves garlic, minced
- onion (whatever colour), chopped
- 5 tomatoes, seeds removed, chopped
- Contadina Pure Olive Oil for sauteeing
- salt & pepper
- Parmesan cheese
- lemon wedges


1. In a pan, put olive oil. It heats faster than other cooking oils so make sure you add the onion and garlic immediately. Also, do not use the extra virgin variant since its flavour loses once the dish is cooked. It's best to use in vinaigrette and the like. 

2. Anyway, add the shrimp in the pan. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until it turns orange. 

3. Empty the contents of the 190-gram jar of Contadina Pesto Sauce and put it into the pan. Mix it with the shrimp and add tomatoes.

4. Add the spaghetti noodles and toss until all of it are covered with green goodness. Top with Parmesan cheese and teared fresh basil leaves for more audience impact. Garnish with a wedge of lemon for flair and of course, its juice will be used for flavour. Enjoy! 

See, four steps only! You can use other clean meats like tuna, salmon or chicken. For more pasta recipes, click here

Contadina products are available in major supermarkets nationwide. For news and updates, follow them on Facebook

Disclosure: I received products and compenstion from Contadina Philippines but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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