02 December 2016

What's Christmas Without the Lights?

I remember that one bizarre conversation I had with a friend where we talked about that one disability we fear to have. I forgot hers but mine is to be blind. I fear how I will see nothing but darkness 'till the end of my days. Thank God it's just a thought and not a reality. Well, although I have told my husband that I'd rather have no electricity than no water at home, it's still not true at all. How can I cook if there's no light? How can my daughter, Sophia do her homework if it's dark? What's Christmas without the lights? Isn't it what makes this joyous occasion merry and bright? 

For some families, having no light does not matter. It doesn't dampen their spirits to live their lives. The kids still go to school, the folks continue to work and they still smile despite it all. What matters to them is their togetherness. Isn't it that Joseph and Mary did not care where Jesus will be born as long as they are together? 

I have my fair share of simple living when I was younger (and still do) but I never experienced having no light in a daily basis. That's why this video showing the smiles of the people of Sitio Naubo at Barangay Mantiquil, Siaton, Negros Oriental albeit darkness teared me up a bit. Watch it!

I already posted our photo few days ago and I'm glad to see that there are a lot of you who have done the same. Fellow ilaws ng tahanan, do you know that you, too can help other barangays have brighter Christmas this year? It's very simple! 
  • Post your family photo on Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Share why you’re thankful for being together.
  • Tag three of your friends. 
  • Use the hashtag #ThankUTogether along with your caption. 
Just a quick reminder - tag Lady's Choice Philippines when you post on Facebook and please make sure that your post is on public setting. For more information, read the full mechanics of this campaign here.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lady's Choice Philippines but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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