29 December 2016

Cleaning with Domex

Merry, mad, murky; it's a bit weird to put these three words together but you know, these best describe our home the past pre-holidays as a servantless family. While it's true that celebrating the birth of Jesus made us all nice and sweet to each other (I tried my best, haha), we can't deny that the stress it brought us was maddening. I have matured, though. I chose to prioritize the things that make me mad. I focused on what's purposeful. To be honest, cleaning one of the most important parts of the house wasn't in my list. My kitchen's my top priority, for obvious reasons.

Well, it's the bathroom. There were days when I just come and go in that little cold place of ours. The only fortunate thing about it is it's not a common ground for everyone (the word everyone pertains to the three of us plus my kitchen assistant, fyi). My only child, Sophia, has her own bathroom in her playroom slash dressing room. She cheerfully shares it with anyone who'd ask where they can do their thing. So I regularly clean it for her health. We used to have a wash room for guests beside the laundry area but I converted it into the new laundry area 'cause of the midyear storms. Gosh, so many banyo stories, hehe. Anyway - 

My being a military wife means I have our bathroom all to myself when hubster's not home. Sophia only uses it at night when she had to 'cause she still co-sleeps with us. So yes, it really doesn't get murky at all; very low-maintenance. 

In all honesty, I don't religiously clean it as much as I clean my kitchen. I only hate it when molds build up and the alikabok gets wet but in totality, I think it's clean enough. I'm a very tidy lady. HEP. I'm so, so wrong, I know. There are bacteria and germs and micro-monsters hiding in the crevices of the tiles albeit flooding it with chlorine-based solution that I previously use. I was not a regular Domex user alright. Well, I have used it many times before but I like trying out new stuff especially for the home so it didn't quite make it to my regular weekly grocery list.

But! When I got invited to their #1MCleanToiletsMovement event, that's when I realized how Domex works. It's extra thick bleach so it 's double acting compared to the more liquefied ones. What I did one day, despite how tired I was working in the kitchen, I just poured some in the toilet (gotta love the nozzle) and in the corners of the walls and left it like that before I sleep. The next morning, our bathroom looks (and smells) so nice and clean. I actually didn't need to scrub it hard nor use my hands. I just rinsed it off with water. The best thing about it was making it germ-free. You see, Domex swears to this - "Clean doesn't mean it's germ-free!" And I definitely agree. That's one of the many things I have learned when my little girl had amoebiasis. The doctor advised me to clean the toilet bowl and the area around it after each of her bout as to avoid traces of war left that might accidentally creep into my skin. Quite scary, no? So I just did it per doctor's advice. See? If informed motherhood makes one uncool, well, I'd rather be one than get sick, 'ya know.

There you have it, friends. Let's put the mad and murky things behind us and end 2016 with a clean bathroom by joining the #1MCleanToiletsMovement with Domex! For more information, like them on Facebook - Domex Philippines.

First photo courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Domex but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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