17 August 2016

32 Things / 08

32 Things is a series of fun facts about me 
as I look forward to celebrating my 32nd birthday on September. 


Not that it's a big deal but I noticed that there are some people who are not okay with admitting that they stalk follow a certain local celebrity on Instagram. I mean, come on, what is wrong with that? There's this one person pa who even said that she doesn't know who Bianca Gonzalez is. Seryoso? Fine, you are what you watch and read but really, don't you make little chismis when you're with friends? Well, different strokes for different folks but ako, I go to YouTube to check if ABS-CBN Entertainment uploads new GGV videos. Ang funny kaya ni Vice Ganda, though minsan nakakainis siya. I got hooked with AlDub, too before Alden and Maine met in Tamang Panahon. After that kasi, tinamad na ako to regularly watch them. Maybe because they met na and medyo bitin na sa excitement. I still follow Maine's tweets and IG posts, though. As for Alden - he's gwapo and all but sometimes, nako-cornyhan ako sa hirit ni kuya. I think because I like honest but misunderstood guys over super good boys. Hahaha, ano daw?! Yes, James Reid all the way eh! People think he's walwal and a bad influence to youth for partying too much but enebenmenyen, he works hard to feed his family kaya. Kalma rin minsan sa pag-judge. I even got into battle mode versus the writer who wrote badly about Nadine. That girl kasi eh. You can read my post here if you haven't! 

8 down, 24 more to go. Will I complete this series before September ends? Let's see.

Photo courtesy of Preview Magazine

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