13 August 2016

32 Things / 06

32 Things is a series of fun facts about me 
as I look forward to celebrating my 32nd birthday on September. 


Growing up, I saw my papa lugging with him a Nikon SLR during our family trips out of town or just in the zoo. He's the standard type of dad, who takes photos of his kids. This is why I kind of regret that he's like that. We didn't have a photo together! Well, we have one; I was 3 months old. Great. So now that I'm a parent myself and that my daughter has a soldier for a dad, I always take their photos together. Some have very pose-y shots, most are random. I discovered how much I love photography when I was in gradeschool and we were looking for photos for an article I wrote for the school paper. I borrowed the photo journalist's point and shoot Fuji type and dreamed one day to have one. 

Fast forward to today's generation of phone-tography, anyone can be so good at photography without having to be called a photographer. But I wanted a different stroke for me. I still want proper lessons, proper equipment and the title. Someday, perhaps. The world is my oyster.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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