05 August 2016

32 Things / 02

32 Things is a series of fun facts about me 
as I look forward to celebrating my 32nd birthday on September. 


Fine. Food is my bestfriend but among all that I can cook and eat, pizza stands out from the rest. I don't eat it all the time as I do with rice but it's my most favorite. Like, ever. You see, it's a complete meal. Yes, that go-grow-glow thingy suits pizza best, right? And it's so convenient to eat, too! No need for kubyertos. Well, not if you're maarte that you need fork and knife pa. 

I love pizza but I'm not a choosy pizza-consumer. Sometimes, I'm okay with 3M or Krizza or whatever kanto pizza out there. There are also times that I want Sbarro, Italliani's, Yellow Cab or Project Pie. On a regular day, though, I have Greenwich or Pizza Hut to call. 

Photo courtesy of Magalic

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