08 August 2016

32 Things / 03

32 Things is a series of fun facts about me; 
to celebrate my 32 years of living, loving and laughing.


I still do it, of course; no one will if I won't, unless my husband is home. But if possible, I'd skip that part in my life as a homecook. You see, the kitchen is my sanctuary! It has the most stuff in this house. My close friends and family know me as the chikadora who cooks. Well, you might have learned about me as the mom who shares her #baonserye episodes on Facebook. Everything about me revolves around food. My online jobs as a Social Media Manager are all depending on food brands and blogs. I sell savory sidekicks and tasty treats over at Bebeng's Kitchen. And this blog received its highest number of views to date because of my daughter's packed food for school! Hello, #baonserye! For the life of me, though, dishwashing is one of my house manager duties that I dread most. 

That is why when dishwashing liquid brands like Droplets of Nature, Joy and Cusina sent me their products for me try, it made me so happy, haha! They kinda helped me *survive* the tough domestic job that is pag-uurong.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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