15 October 2014

Bebeng's Kitchen Warriors

Any kingdom's queen has to have her royal crew. This domestic queen has a few. Say —  a menopausal washing machine, a dirty old man refrigerator, four bragging bachelor electric fans, a geeky mop and a battalion of hardworking kitchen warriors. The thought of giving them character and name and profile started when I bought a stand mixer last weekend. I don't know with you but I'm someone who can fall in-love with a KitchenAid Artisan mixer. I want to sleep with her. LOL. I asked y'all to vote for what you think is the best color to buy among the choices I gave, and I was overwhelmed by your giggly responses. I really felt that you guys are so happy for me! Can't wait to show you what I've got. Sad though, that my old kitchen loyalists do not have names. But yeah, if you'd ask me who they are in my story, I can give you an impromptu brief about its character. And maybe come up with a name right then and there. Just please don't ask me to name each spoon and fork in my kitchen drawer. 

Is this making you think that my long list of to-dos have made me gone haywire? 

Hmm. Sort of. Hahaha! In fact, this is just an introduction to a budding series (I hope I can keep it up and continue though). Not that I have so much time, but I just wanna make an "appliance review" more fun. OK. So I'd only choose the star players and feature one per post. For now, there are three: the 10-speed Osterizer, the KitchenAid Artisan mixer and the La Germania gas range oven. I gave away my blender's name on Instagram; it's Osmond, my becky assistant. Why that name and what he/she/it does for my royal chores will be on a separate post.

Are you now shaking your head in disbelief? 

Well, I'm serious! I really gave them names. Alright, clues. For the mixer, it's an American girl's name. For the oven, a German word. Any guesses? ;)


  1. well, as you know, I love cooking too! But, I cannot guess it pa!! hahaha...Slow mode ako today...:) Shucks- di ako makakatulog nito! :)

    1. Hahaha! I will soon write the stories behind their names. Medyo busy pa ang kusinera. :)