15 October 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

This 20-plus-year-old Barbie supermarket playset she was playing with was given to her by my twin cousins, V&V, who now live in the States. It was just one of the many toys and treats that were in the balikbayan box that they sent over (she got an authentic "Jessie of Toy Story 2" doll that one twin got from Disneyland in Florida, My Little Pony figurines and lots of chocolates). They passed this on to her because they are her godparents and I think they love me that much that they love Pia so much, too. I'm glad that my getting-more-like-a-grown-up-six-year-old is taking care of these toys. Sometimes, she cares for it so much that she'd rather not play with it. LOL.

Btw, I've seen the other twin last February and she treated us to a kickass party at Republiq for her birthday. Yes, this stay-at-home-mom, who wanted to channel Martha Stewart partied like a bachelorette that night! LBD, painful high-heeled strappy shoes and vodka. Ooh. 

Next month, I can finally get to talk to the other V in person! We send updates of our every days to each other through Viber. I can't wait to let her taste my #BebengCooks dishes. And I can't wait for her and Pia to play this toy together. *sniff-sniff*

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