14 October 2014

The Little Bebeng is in Mommy Shorts!

I'm an extremist. When I want something, I make sure that I'd get it no matter what it takes. Kinda sound like I'm a brat, no? Well, when I was younger, I don't take no as an answer. Ha! Guess what, this little terrorist surely knows that, too. She really is her mother's daughter. LOL.

My then three-year-old terrorizing toddler
And speaking of being an extremist  when I like someone, I show it. I do the "PDA stuff" by existing, by communicating, by stalking, by supporting, by being there all.the.freaking.time. You see, in my journey as a regular mom blogger, I became a fan of really famous mom bloggers; not just those who think they are ha! As in like, NYC-based-who-reply-to-her-followers-and-earning-from-her-blog-kind-of-famous. I'm talking about Mommy Shorts. Try to read one post and you'll understand why I like her.

So one day, I just thought of joining in one of her contests even if there's no prize up. Really. It's the Evil Baby Glare Off. When I checked her Facebook page today, I was surprised to see that there were 56 likes from people I don't know and haven't met. Cool times! So if you love me and my little terrorist, please give us a like... not for any material thing or what-have-you... just bragging rights. *wink-wink*