28 October 2014

What I'll Be Sharing, Writing in the Next Few Days

Just to keep you in the loop and actually help me remind myself on what I should be sharing and writing here and elsewhere. Above, from left, clockwise ~

1) Collection of my favorite Rayala Dialogues that I posted on Facebook. Maybe some of you have missed it. And for easier archiving, too. 

2) The Pancake Story. This is the latest. In fact, it happened yesterday. 

3) Who are these lovebirds holding hands? ♡

4) Husband's diet and why

5) My article contribution for Make it Blissful

6) Snippets of my royal reality at home -- the answer to one of my readers' question: how do you balance everything?

7) Pia's cupcake party at school last month! What, it's been a month?! Sorry, swamped with lots of business-y and domestic stuff.

8) Raising a reader: Of books and bookshelves

There. Hope you'll stay around, chicas. xx


  1. I find this such a sweet and smart way of organizing thoughts into organized posting. rEally nice, so admirable! Keep it up! =>

  2. excited for the upcoming stuff! :) I just made an ultimatum to myself to be an organized blogger, too. lol! :) I recently put up my mommy blog, I hope you could stop by! :) http://musingsofakikaymom.blogspot.com thank you! <3