16 August 2014


"My daughter's photos, once a week, every week, in 2014."

My life as a stay-at-home military wife and mom is not so easy. You see, I've already started a small food biz but I still don't have a helper/nanny to help me with house chores and in taking care of Pia. I do everything by myself! So yeah, I need to tag the girl along with me whenever I shop for Bebeng's Kitchen's needs to wherever. One day, when we were at the supermarket, she hurriedly rushed to this poster of Derek Ramsay and said: "Derek is everywhere. I hope Teacher L is proud of him." Teacher L, her first teacher in preschool, joked one time that DR is her boyfriend. And my innocent baby girl believed her since then. Hahaha! 

That's it for now. Sorry if there are some of you (hello, do I still have readers?) who are kinda waiting for this every week and find no new post. I'm catching up, panting and still finding time to breathe through blogging amidst the never-ending list of to-dos as a geographically single mompreneur. ♥ xx


  1. Yes, you still have readers. I know how you feel. I feel like I'm always playing catch up on my blog too. Hay. But YES, you have readers. :)

  2. It can be really challenging but even in just the process, there is fulfillment. ☺️ We are on the same boat. No help, military wife, hands on with the kids and soon some business. I guess a modest advise I can give is, don't forget to rest. Don't deprive yourself of sleep. Enjoy the weekend ☺️