16 August 2014

10 Filipino Costume Ideas for Buwan ng Wika

Oh moms, I know you know how it thrilling it feels to dress up our little ones, especially on special occasions! But we also know that it can be expensive and tiring. Huffing and puffing just by thinking about it? I know, right? Sometimes, we don't even know which one to get or where to buy. As a stay-at-home, hands-on mom to a preschooler (graduating already woot woot), those little events in her school are special to me. So I research (i.e., to Google or visit all branches of SM), take notes from other moms or practice extortion to my daughter's godparents, haha.

This month, we celebrate Buwan ng Wika. For everyone's information, it is now buwan and not linggo, which was what we used to celebrate when we were kids. It was in 1997 when ex-President Fidel Ramos signed Proclamation No. 1041 that sets the whole month of August for the celebration of our national language, Pilipino. Okay, I'm inadequate with these stuff so I'd stop here. Let me just share with you what my fellow moms have chosen for their kids' Filipino costume for Buwan ng Wika.

  • Amber's costume was bought at the Marikina Public Dry Market (2nd floor) for Php430 only. Love those colorful feathers in her "crown".

  • Mom blogger Aimee Diego's daughter, Tala's costume was a gift from her grandma all the way from Baguio City. You can read more about it here. So next time someone from your family or friends go up there, you know what pasalubong they can get for you. *wink*

  • Joey Bayan of Dragon Chatter bought the malong of her 14-year old  daughter for Php100 when she went to Davao. The legging set is Php350 in Divisoria and the slippers are from Marikina for Php75.

  • Joey's daughter, Raffy, wore this baro't saya set aka Maria Clara costume two years ago. She bought it for Php250 only. Her son's farmer costume costs Php200 and both were bought at the Marikina Public Market.

  • Mom blogger Michelle Solee of Michi Photostory shares what her son wore for two years in preschool. All were bought at the "palengke" (I assumed the one near where she lives so before you panic and start looking where Michelle lives, go to the palengke nearest you. Hehe). The magsasaka costume that her son wore in nursery costs Php250 in total. Says Michelle, "the shirt costs Php100, salakot's Php35 and slippers are Php55. P60 lang patahi ng scarf and pants since I have extra fabric from my hubby's old santa costume." As for the Igorot costume that her son wore when he was in kinder, the set costs Php250, black cycling shorts for Php60 and slippers cost Php65.

  • SJ Valdez of All-Around Pinay Mama bought this barong in the Recto Entrance of 168 Mall in Divisoria for Php750.

  • This cute boy is Chrissy Caballero's son, Lyndel. This whole set costs Php Php215 only: camisa de chino - Php 95, red pants - Php100 and the red hanky's Php20.

  • Now let me share with you all my daughter's Filipino costumes that she wore since she started preschool in 201 (left to right): the baro't saya set was bought in SM Marikina Department Store for Php395; Indonesian costume was given by my friend who went to Indonesia; Muslim princess set's from Kultura Filipino in SM Cubao for Php699. It may be a bit pricey but I'm glad that it made my little girl happy.

For all of you who are new moms, soon-to-have preschoolers, don't be disheartened when you can't see that particular costume that you want for your child. All it takes is for us to have a few friends who can lend us their children's past costumes or a little resourcefulness. If you can go DIY, the better! Always think that you do all the 'trouble' of putting up these what seem to be a big production number is to make your kid happy. After all, wearing a Filipino costume is a school requirement. So if you show them that you really get yourself busy with their school stuff, that's how they will also be in their future endeavors. Isn't it that we parent by example? 


  1. I agree, be resourceful and don't be shy to ask your friends if you can borrow costumes. Sometimes I borrowed costumes too. #bigsavings.

  2. oh my. pwede na bang malaman how many times do kids have to dress up in costumes these days, aside from halloween and buwan ng wika, ha ha! i'm a mom to twin girls and have no crafting and sewing skills whatsoever! they're just under two years old pero nawi-windang na ako (and ok, a little excited) at the thought of costumes. I should have more friends na paghihiraman! :P

  3. Kuya used his Barong Tagalog twice already, during Buwan ng Wika Celebration 2014 and his First Holy Communion. Moms have to be frugal nowadays. :) Thanks for the feature, Mommy Denise!