24 August 2014

Moms' Night Out

Alright. I decided to watch the movie because I had a slight meltdown earlier before my daughter's bedtime. I felt like I needed that push, that little soulful encouragement that I am doing this right, this motherhood thing. I'm not going to talk about the meltdown here because it kinda happens regularly and I don't intend to flood my cyber kingdom with so many dilem-moms... that you know what, might scare the single ladies away from family life.

That brings me to the movie. 

If I am single, as in unmarried but has a boyfriend, and I've watched this film one random dull day, I sure have rose from where I was comfortably lying down and face the world and could have proudly said, "I will never, ever let my boyfriend impregnate me. Having kids will make me the most miserable person in the universe!" Yes. That was the movie's impact to me. And I am not a single woman.

I am married and has a preschooler extraordinaire.

Moms' Night Out started with Allyson, the lead character, blogging. She has a mommy blog. That's the first satirical scenario there. I remembered I rolled my eyes when I saw the first frame. Lame. It was trying so hard to make the motion picture a mom-version of SATC. *rolled my eyes again* The second could be her rage against salmonella. Come on! I thought Christians in Hollywood produced this film? Why does it have to be so sarcastic? It even managed to insinuate that those moms who feed their children organic are those who are trying to live a prefect life! If I can, I will feed my child all the organic stuff I can buy. Because it's good and truly pesticide-free! What is so wrong with that?!

Cliché. I found so much cliché in this movie. Sigh.

No, I didn't feel like I wasted my time. It actually gave me a blogging material! Hallelujah! LOL.

Its sarcasm aside, the script and storyline were just too... what politically correct term should I use? Uhm, nerdy? No, I'm a nerd but I still don't get it. Ah... maybe, tight? No, no. My vocabulary is failing me for this one. Aha! Thanks to Christy Lemire for blogging about it on RogerRebert.com, she used this phrase and I find it suiting — depressingly regressive. 

It showed that fathers cannot take care of their children, that bikers are bad people, that moms should be stressed all the time, that a pastor's wife should always talk in a calm way and all those stereotypical shiznits that this judgmental society has created. I appreciate that they injected faith and being a Christian to its resolution, but it was somehow executed in a way that a non-believer will not buy. I am a believer and I was not moved when Allyson used the line, "I am His masterpiece" on her blog. It was too forced. It just didn't resonate to me. 

This is just me. I just expected a little oomph from this film since the trailer's kinda cute. Utterly disappointing. It even has a dance number at the latter part until the end credits. Totally unbelievable. 

I just want to tell the single women who have watched it that family life's not like that! Yes, it's not all flowers and kisses and butterflies but it's not as crappy as that. Well, maybe they patterned it from someone else's and it can be true. I don't know. My and my mommy friends' lives aren't as topsy-turvy as that. And no, it's not true that a mom cannot have a night out with friends. That once she does, she can end up in jail or something like that. She can, oh, she can! OK. Not really a night out-night out... that kind when a wild skimpy skirt-wearing bachelorette will end up on some random guy's bed... not that kind, of course. 

This judgmental society and this movie have boxed stay-at-home moms to literally stay at home. I can just shake my head in disbelief. Really.

To the producers and writers of the movie Moms' Night Out, have you watched I Don't Know How She Does It? That's how you do a mommy-themed movie. Film critics may not like SJP there but it has a good story. Got it? xx... not.


  1. yeah, I wasn't enticed by the trailer from the beginning. but thanks to you, I'm looking up I don't know how she does it. :)

    1. It's not as beautifully written as I hope it should be but I love that movie! SJP forevah! :D

  2. That's really sad. Just reading about the sarcastic cliches makes me sad. I liked I Don't Know How She Does It 😊

  3. I also watched that last week with eyebrows raised most of the time lol. Wasn't too happy of the make of the movie, it was like watching a bad teenage movie. Funny thing is my husband felt also that it was a movie for me hahaha.

    We did have a few laughs but then really now she is mommy blogger??

  4. I watched this too. The thing that stuck in my head was that there's too much shouting by the lead actress. Plus the fact that most films being produced in Hollywood portray motherhood to be the worst season in a woman's life. Like all the kids they show are the kind that's unmanageable, uncontrollable and totally disobedient doing nothing but mess up with their parents' plans. However, I must say that those small lines of encouragement are good. That thing's what I like about the film

    1. Yes. That's why the society looks at us moms (especially those who stay at home) as the most miserable people in the world. Which, in fact, are the happiest because we got to experience what others can't and might not ever - carry a human being inside us!