24 August 2014

A Disney Princess Medley by Kevin Redrico Featuring Gabriella Marchion

I don't know why there are moms who don't like Disney princesses for their little girls. I've read from their comments and blog posts (yes, they were so not busy they had time to ridicule and go against Disney) that it somehow gives these innocent bubbas a twisted hope on marriage and happily ever after. They also said that these beautiful Disney princesses define beauty in such a shallow way... that success and happiness and love can easily be attained if you are wearing a stunning ballgown. It's funny, really funny. I'm wondering... do these moms know that THEY are the ones raising their girls and not these Disney movies? I have nothing for that. I enjoyed and will continue to enjoy watching these princesses, especially now that I have a preschool diva, who loves them to bits.

Speaking of, here's a video by my cousin Kevin Redrico and his friend Gabriella Marchion. It is an amazing medley of all the best solos of each Disney princess, which were in chronological order. Genius. Yup, from Snow White's 1937 to Queen Elsa's 2014. 

Let's relive the magic! ♥♥♥

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