06 June 2014

My Sophia Loves Sofia the First

This humble little space has been such a blessing not only to me (and my giveaway winners, hehe) but also to my little princess. We get invites to some of the most fun kiddie events happening in the Metro. And last month, as a member of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, my daughter and I were luckily invited to a royal meet and greet!

The youngest Disney princess of Enchancia, Sofia the First, was here in Manila! When I knew about it, I ecstatically shared the good news with my Sophia. I remember her singing all Sofia the First songs the entire week. I also told her father about it and even if he's busy with his military schooling stuff, he went with us to the event. It was held in SM Mall of Asia Activity Center. It's too far from home that commuting could have probably killed the excitement so I'm glad R was available to drive for us.

Prior to the actual meet and greet, we were privileged to participate in the royal activities prepared for us by Toy Kingdom Philippines. There were the Princess Pamper ParlorEtiquette TestCreate Your Own Amulet and a little coloring activity area, which my Princess in Training first tried to do since there were long lines in the said activities. 

I knew that there would be a lot of mom-daughter attendees but I just didn't expect that it'd be a bit chaotic. The area, albeit the mall's airconditioning system, felt stuffy, humid and uncomfortable. We were given numbers upon entrance, which I assumed would have been used for the photo opps but was not used at all. I also heard from one of my mommy friends, who actually bought a Sofia the First merchandise so her daughter can meet and greet Sofia that she was not satisfied with how the activity went. Oh well, even if we rant nonstop about how a lot of information were mis-communicated to the participants, it's still obvious that our princesses enjoyed the experience. 

Aww. Look at my little fan girl! ♥
OK. Let's be honest here. That day was a day of what seemed to be a drama theatre workshop. If you can see at these photos, she was happy and calm and poised. But for those who have seen her in person during the event, there were a bit of teleserye-ish moments. Let's just say that she's a die hard fan and seeing Sofia the First face to face almost made her faint a la Directioner. Yes, that extreme. LOL. My friend Kim of Mom on Duty can tell you how my girl rose from her seat and ran as fast as she can when StF appeared on stage. Truly, a big fab fan scene. She just calmed down when she finally held hands with her fellow purple-loving princess.

Thank you so much, Toy Kingdom for inviting my blog and my royal offspring. To more events, cheers! ♥