19 June 2014

Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids

I was a kid when I learned how to cook, turning 11 to be a bit exact. Modesty aside, it was not fried egg or hotdog or instant noodles. It was similar to what I posted on my Instagram today. My mom didn't really teach me how; I'm a visual learner and just watched her cook. Fast forward to now that I have my own kid, I don't only cook to feed my passion for the kitchen. I need to feed my kid healthy food that makes her happy. 

Do you ever wonder why some kids - or adults - don't eat vegetables? Adults who don't eat veggies were, most of the time, the kids who were unhappy seeing veggie dishes on their table. I don't know how their parents introduced our dear farm crops to them but maybe they did something wrong in there. I strongly believe that we, the parents, can make or break our children's appetite. 

I understand that not all moms can cook. I also understand that not all moms have the time to cook. But, you know what they say about the "if there's a will, there's a way" adage? That's true. If we can find time to like our friend's statuses on Facebook, to post photos of selfies on Instagram and well, watch our favorites TV series then maybe we can find time to discover what's best for our children.

Best doesn't mean it has to be expensive. Best doesn't mean it's perfect. Best means it's what your child needs and that it makes her happy. 

When Leira gave me a copy of Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids, I was glad to find out that most recipes are so easy to do. Sometimes, when you see a cookbook, it kinda has this overwhelming and intimidating vibe that make you think that you need a culinary degree to nail that dish you see on its glossy page. This cookbook is different, though. It's easy to read since it was written by practical moms, who only want to feed their child right. Katrina Ripoll and Lara Saunders used to be advertising and marketing executives but are now full-time wives. That made me feel so much better about myself as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). It's also not a simple compilation of recipes. The authors included clever mommy tips, a background information about organic food by Rebecca Lwin, a Registered Dietitian and a list of grocery priorities.

Though I haven't tried cooking one of their recipes yet, I felt that my meal planning has changed. I think it's evident on my Instagram posts. Follow me! @royaldomesticity. I am looking forward to doing the Very Tasty Vegetarian Lasagna and World Cup Chilean Chicken soon here in my humble kitchen. Of course, I'll share with you my experience when #bebengcooks already. Here's to Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids ~ cheers! ♥

Where to buy? List of stores here.
To order online: It's Php 650.00!
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  1. I cant wait to get married and cook! this iz it. The best way to keep a man and to make your kids stay a home--- is through good food!

    And I love that you post recipes. meron kang weekly menu guide?

    1. I agree! ♥

      Btw, I usually trust my cravings and instincts lang. Medyo impractical but we're passionate food-lovers kasi so we don't like sticking to a guide. But I sometimes do that, too especially when I'm in a tight budget. Hihi.

  2. I saw the picture of the book on my newsfeed and I clicked this blog right away! So glad to know it's available at fully booked boni high. are the recipes easy enough for a 5-year old to learn? :)

    1. I'm not sure eh, will depend on how the 5-year old reacts to instructions. This cookbook is basically for moms/parents who want to feed their child the healthiest kid-friendly food. :)