15 June 2014

Kids, we love your dads because...

It's funny when social media geeks create memes that show how responsible and nurturing and focused moms are in rearing their children and dads are... well... I'd leave the adjectives to your judgment. Hehe.

Last month, when we celebrated Mother's Day, the whole world seemed to be in their toes to make mummy happy. Brand campaigns in momma theme were everywhere! In fact, if marketing experts can relate roofs to motherhood, I think they'd dedicate a whole galvanized iron sheet to one mom blogger and send it to her. It is that commercial! This month, there are campaigns for dads, too, of course. But most I see are a bit hoity-toity and have that snob vibe. In short, expensive. That made me think that in reality, they are the more celebrated parent. I love being a mom, there is no question about that, but if I have to live my life again, I guess I'd like to try being a dad (but please, with less hair, especially inside the nose haha).

So as a Father's Day special treat for the underrated parent, I asked some of my fabulous mommy friends to help me change the way the majority look at the men we call daddy, papa, tatay, pop, dada, pudrabelle, ama and whatever you or your kids call them. I'm sure if not all, most of you can relate to what we love about our husbands as a father. After all, we won't be mommies without the daddies! ;)


I'm glad that we don't live in the yesteryears anymore when dads work all day and just earn money for the family. They now know that getting their hands dirty (with poop, saliva and booger hello!) make them real men. Vicki Villamin-Morales says about her husband Ron, "I am most proud to say that he can do almost all of newborn to toddler care. He can bathe, change cloth diapers, feed and teach our child to read. Andres and I are blessed to have him in our lives."


Isn't it when they are home, they usually the ones who lock the gate, doors and closes the windows? They seem to be our shelter from the storm. Says Aireen Ravanera-Dumalahay about her husband Ali Dan, "I love it when he takes time to call on the phone and talk to her everytime he is away. There's longing in his voice. I love it when he is the one feeding her because he doesn't really know how but he tries so hard just for her. But I love it most when he is the one carrying our baby when we go out because I feel that our little girl is at her safest."

Mommy Bloggers Philippines foundress, Lani Lluch couldn't be more proud of her husband for always being their daughters' shield from harm, "What I love most is his sincere concern for our daughters. He worries a lot about our girls all the time, and he is our ultimate protector. I know there's nobody else out there who will love and protect us more than he does."


Socially, sadly, they are perceived as those who are just working, drinking beer with friends, playing with their toys, cleaning their cars, getting hooked on gadgets and the list goes on. Nothing mentioned about being devoted to their kids. However, in my little mommy community, I witness how this gradually changes. Former bassist of Stonefree, Regie Mangubat, was put on spotlight as his wife Aryanne says, "he always has time for the kids no matter how tired he is. He's always patient no matter how kulit and likot the kids get--tired or not. And most of all, he always put them on top priority."


This must be their biggest strength as the carriers of the Y chromosomes. They have more energy and "likot-ness" in them that I think our kids love about them, too. Mom blogger Rina of Rina's Rainbow confessed, "What I love most about my husband as a father is how playful he is with our little girl, but at the same time how firm he can be when we need to teach our little girl a lesson. I also love how hard he works to provide for our little one, and most of all, how much he adores her and thinks she's the most beautiful creature on earth." Of course, you know him. He's the Pickiest Eater!

Halo Philippines owner and safe sleep advocate Ives Esteban also loves that it is her husband's way of spending quality time with their kids. "I love it when hubby horses around with our children. I never see my sons laugh and have so much fun the way they do every time their dad spends quality time with them this way."


I don't need to worry about this area that much because I know when and how to release LOL-worthy punchlines. But that is among people my age. For my girl? Her dad's the funniest! I think that goes for Tala and Sinag, too, the adorable children of Aimee and Mark Diego, "He can be a complete goofball and be all playful around the kids but when it comes to matters of discipline, he really takes things seriously."


Rochelle Rivera practically summarizes this fact well as she tells this about her husband Euryd,  a professional Poker player, "my husband always spoils our sons with everything they want and sometimes it annoys me but then it amazes me that he works very hard just to make sure he provides us with comfortable life. I am so blessed to have a husband that I can depend on, he makes us happy and he loves my children so much and that no matter what trials come our way because he cares and love our children so much; that will be enough reason for me to trust him and for us to stay forever."


Growing up, I remember my mom as the wild parent. It was as if we have to always get her approval even if we will just breathe. Haha! I'm glad God gave us a father who will enter the steamy scene to cool it off. Just like what ze Animetric's Rowena Lei loves most about her husband Peter, "What I love most about my hubby as a dad is the way he can take over when I've reached my limit. He has always been the cool-headed parent and I think it balances everything out nicely."


Fellow Army wife Tenny Samonte proudly says this about her military guy Ryan, "He always makes time for the kids. He tries to attend Rianne's school activities, even enrollment. I don't need to ask, but he'll just do things like cover Rianne's books, makes her name tag, gives them a bath, treat them out for icecream or pizza... simple things like those. In short, even if he's not with them all the time, whenever he's home he makes them feel he's always there."


Men are, most of the time, the meek but stern voice at home and Matet Sambilay proved that as she says this about husband Carlo, "That my son loves him and fears him at the same time means he is doing his best to be the perfect father for my son and I love him for that!" That, ladies, is called respect. 


We sometimes neglect that men are humans, too. They may not be as crybabies as we are, but they want to be there for the children when the rest of the people say, "awwww". Judy Pedrosa confesses just how she loves her husband Jack for that, "I've never seen him prouder than the moments our children were born or when they hit a big milestone (first steps etc.). He's never missed one of them and I know he never will."


Blog Coach and WAHM expert Martine de Luna lovingly shares this about her husband Ton, "I appreciate that my husband is a very hands on dad. He is also very aware of the quality of time he spends with our son. Because we both work at home, he is often the first to get concerned that we get busy with our respective jobs. When that happens, he reminds me to take a break and to have down time with my son, as I tend to get wrapped up in what I am doing. He also is a very hands-on role model to our son, and I appreciate that he teaches Vito how to take turns, how to be nice to girls, how to not be scared to try something new."


As for me, I love that my husband is my daughter's number 1 fan! She can enslave him and do whatever she tells him to do. She made him dance that infamous "shembot" in front of my family because she wanted to! She made him wear a Dora grosgrain ribbon as a bowtie because she thinks it suits him. She made him eat her unfinished McDo meal even if he was already bloated and felt like pooping. Haha! I also love that he doesn't think of the future yet, unlike me. He wants to enjoy her childhood as it is and has no fear of whatever struggles she might be facing when she grows up. I guess, perhaps, because he knows he will always be there for her baby girl no matter what. I love him for that... and more.

How about you, what do you love most about your husband as a father? 
We would love to see that in the comments. 


  1. Happy father's day! :) much love from our fam to yours. <3

  2. OMG I so love this post Denise. Thanks so much, I bet the Daddies will all be proud of themselves as much as we are of them :-)

    1. Glad you like it, Lani! Thank you, too for sharing what you love about your husband as a dad. :)

  3. Thanks for including us and Happy Fathers Day :)

    1. Thank YOU for sharing what you love most about Peter! :)

  4. Nice post, Mommy Denise. Happy Father's day to your husband and dad. :)

  5. wow! definitely a great post to read.
    happy father's day to your husband, muther! :)

    1. Thanks, Istin! Belated Happy Father's Day to you. ♥